Business Advisory and Transformation Services

Our advisory services provide a proper foundation to envision and plan for Digital Transformation projects. We leverage our experience and best practices to lead our clients through the process and establish a Change Management framework to assure technology adoption.


Digital Transformation Workshops

A good starting point for transformation is to visualize what you want in terms of user engagement and business process change. Our workshops allow business users to propose solutions in a tangible manner in a very short amount of time. We start with a problem, visualize the potential solution, share, and adjust. By creating a clickable visual plan you can put solutions in front of actual users to gather feedback, project viability or management buy-in to fund a future project. What follows is a high-level plan and proof of concept – the transformation journey begins

User Experience Evaluations

We take a Design Thinking approach to our evaluations. We try to understand what the user wants to accomplish and provide a baseline to identify if the online channel is delivering to those needs. We also examine our client’s online channel objectives to establish the best path forward. To do Digital Transformation you must rethink business models and customer experiences.

Digital infrastructure & Integration Planning

Digital infrastructure & Digital Platform Modernization Planning is a service to lay the foundation for transformation by determining a plan for world-class practices around Infrastructure, Cloud Computing & Security Services. The plan has to consider how to modernize digital platforms and applications to leverage modern, lightweight, API-led and microservices-based technology architecture.

Change Management

We help companies and businesses think Digital-First. The focus of our change management method, the Catalyst Framework, is on organizational adoption to sustain a technology initiative for the future. We link desired outcomes to the audience user needs and required business processes to help the organization understand their meaning and importance. Then we create a technology framework that consists of a set of reusable tools and is delivered as a set of services for the organization to consume and use in a more practical way. These “catalysts”, both software and processes, are used to deliver mini solutions and pilots that demonstrate immediate improvements and possibilities to entice organizational adoption.

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