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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed the InnovateOhio Platform Executive Order (2019-15D) in April of 2019, which uses a common technology platform to charter a path towards a better and stronger Ohio. One of the anticipated technologies utilizing this common platform is the DataOhio Portal, the first of its kind in State technology: a portal to display the publicly available datasets and facilitate the request, approval, and delivery of secured datasets. The State of Ohio needed a technology partner to create this portal while meeting security requirements, providing functionality for dataset management by data owners and regular users, and ensuring an intuitive experience throughout the portal.


The solution provides a web-based user experience for requestors and data owners including the functionality of multiple cascading filters and data set sorting. Critical to the solution is a single repository containing the data set owner, the source system of the data, the operational use of the data, the people requesting use of the data, their intended purpose and access history. The solution manages requests for data set access, approval workflow, approver authority and rights granted to the requester. Finally, the solution is integrated with the state’s identity management system (OH|ID) which offers a single identity for all external users of state systems and resources. Base22 contributed to the development of OH|ID.

The use case of a single repository that identifies all systems and related data sources, all data owners, all operational use cases, and all information related to requestors is highly desirable for all enterprises with many data sources that need to be shared across the enterprise. The solution provides analytics regarding the operational use and controls exercised over the data sources.

The Ohio DataPortal is a groundbreaking project for government technology, and as such, it was a finalist in the NASCIO State IT Recognition Awards for the category “Digital Services: Government to Citizen”, with the project “Advancing Ohio Data Transparency and Access through the DataOhio Portal”.

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