As a digital consulting firm, our mission is to enable large companies to think and act Digital-First. Supported by our solid experience, we deliver digital projects with startup-like agility while avoiding costly pitfalls.

Digital Transformation & Business Advisory Services

We help companies to envision, implement and adopt new user experiences and automated processes that engage with their audiences across channels. Our workshops enable them to propose solutions in a tangible manner in a very short amount of time.

With a UX Evaluation, you can understand better the needs of your different business audiences, offer a Mobile-First experience, and streamline digital processes and services delivered by your organization.

Digital infrastructure & Digital Platform Modernization Planning is a service to lay the foundation for transformation by determining a plan for world-class practices around Infrastructure, Cloud Computing & Security Services.

 Our proven approach has allowed us to successfully deploy new digital solutions to thousands of customers, employees, and collaborators across the world.

Specialized Consulting

With 15+ years of experience in employee portals and employee experience, we help organizations to identify, implement, and maintain the ideal digital Human Resources solutions for their needs. 

Digital and Technology Services​

Creating a modern employee portal is what you need to reach new levels of productivity, reduce admin costs and bolster operations through remote work. 

Powered with self-service capabilities, scalable performance, and high availability, enterprise portals play a key role in modern digital ecosystems that aim to empower their customers and business audiences.

Improve your buyer’s experience and manage better direct and distribution channels with a modern digital solution.

We believe a good website exists with the purpose and focus of building a strong and long-lasting relationship with the core audience.

Our focus on great design and user experience extends to the mobile world.

We provide ongoing support for your new digital presence and processes to enable your IT staff to focus on other strategic initiatives.

We provide advisory services to evaluate what and when to migrate to the Cloud during the Digital Transformation journey.

Application modernization services address the migration of legacy to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to the business.

Base22 is a strategic partner for your enterprise projects involving Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Graphs and data models.

truly transformational

Enterprise solutions with tangible results in months, not years 

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