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Helping organizations think and act digital first to enable delivery of information and applications on demand

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What we do

We build modern applications for a digital world. Digital transformation relies on good data, how you present it, and how fast you act on it. We utilize a digital transformation framework and technology to help your company reach those objectives.

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Mapping Digital Initiatives

Digital Transformation Workshops

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User Experience Evaluation

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Digital Marketing Evaluation

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Infrastructure & Integration Planning

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Portals, websites and mobile applications that drive Digital Transformation

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Transforming Data Into Insight Through Semantic Technologies

Semantic Data

Creating Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

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Carbon LDP™

Agile low code solution to create modern applications

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We work with companies to digitally enable their data and their user experiences

  • Create more effective customer reach for increased revenue.
  • Enable Self-service to reduce internal costs.
  • Automate business processes.


Transformative Services and Practices

We provide consulting and creative solutions that help you think and act digital first.

Apply design thinking

Enhance user experiences and digitally transform business processes.

Leverage modern web and digital development platforms

Carbon LDP™– Ionic – IBM – Liferay – Atlassian – Google – AWS.

Change Management to Create Digital-First Organizational Mindset

Catalysts and tools that drive accelerated adoption and continuous improvement

Use modern application architecture

Micro services, API based, Responsive, cloud/mobile first architecture.

Put Content First

Deliver content so information is delivered just in time to the right audience.

Build modern digital

World class infrastructure, Cloud Computing, DevOps and Security Services.

Embrace modern integration platforms

Revitalize and modernize legacy applications using low code middleware solutions.

Promote modern semantic databases

Build flexible, extensible Graph data models to integrate application data silos.

Employ Semantic And Linked Data Models

Rapid application development using semantic data models

Practice modern deployment

Expert driven DevOps to ensure product success.

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Here’s a handful of our latest projects. Scroll through to learn about some of our client solutions.

  • Employee Policy Portal Solution

    Employee Policy Portal

    Financial Industry

    • Create a modern employee experience that engages the workforce
    • Provide up-to-date product information to customer-facing staff
    • Improve findability of relevant information to serve customer requests
    • Establish a single source of truth; ensure regulations, policies, and procedures are current
  • Beneficiaries Portal Solution

    Beneficiaries Portal

    Healthcare and Insurance Industries

    • Award-winning digital experience transformation
    • Clean, modern, easy-to-use and responsive experience
    • Well-organized, logical information architecture designed around beneficiaries and providers’ needs, including a much-improved claims experience
    • Ability to author and promote content, as well as implement front-end design changes, outside of regular IT deployments
  • Franchise Management Portal Solution

    Franchise Management Portal

    Restaurant & QSR Industry

    • Role-based portal & convenient dashboards for employees, franchise restaurant owners and stakeholders of fast-food chain
    • Time efficient and paperless solution to providing location specific information
    • One single source of truth for all promotions and communications
    • Simplicity, clarity, responsiveness, and a streamlined user experience
  • Employee Portal International Solution

    Employee Portal – International

    CPG / Food & Beverages Industries

    • Built a global platform for 70,000+ employees, with multilingual support for 20+ languages
    • Developed global catalog of systems, apps, departments, procedures, and programs
    • Highly personalized set of dashboards for company communications, IT, and HR self-service
    • Deployed automated site construction components for digital project deployment
    • One search engine for multiple systems
  • Employee Communications Hub Solution

    Employee Communications Hub

    Logistics & Transportation Industry

    • Develop a region and country specific intranet serving content to 400,000 users globally in 17 languages
    • Create an information architecture to support dynamic changes across the globe
    • Accommodate a diverse set of labor agreements require targeted content and services
    • Significantly reduce efforts to create and maintain content
    • Seamless information access to mobile employees
  • Employee Portals & Dashboards Solutions

    Employee Portal & Dashboards

    • Make it easy to find and surface relevant information to serve customer requests
    • Establish a single source of truth - ensure regulations, policies and procedures are current
    • Provide targeted alerts and personalized news and announcements
    • Integrate and present business applications personalized to the user role
  • Citizen Portal Solution

    Government Agency Portals

    Website Modernization / Digital Processes

    • Cost efficient platform to comply with Federal and State information security standards, policies, and regulations
    • Increase the self-service capabilities and reduce government support costs
    • Significant cost avoidance through reduction in call center calls, consolidation of platforms, and elimination of resource redundancy
    • Compliance adherence to security standards and ADA Compliance


We’ve gotten to work with incredible clients through the years. Here are a few of them.

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September 10, 2021
Improving your Digital Channels' Reach

Engaging your Workforce Through Digital Channels: How to Do It Right

Does your intranet or web app has a limited reach and not all employees use it? Paving the way so your workforce has access to digital channels is one of the big challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some things you to consider to help you out.
July 23, 2021

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is one of the core resources in any country's economy. Previously, production could be cumbersome due to the manual operation of all processes. However, the introduction of digital technologies in this industry has greatly helped eradicate the longer chains in manufacturing operations, positively affecting these systems.
July 23, 2021
WPS Health Solutions - A digital experience journey

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Keeping up with digital transformation is important in the healthcare sector. However, choosing the latest trend to invest in and convincing your board to do it is the challenging part; it means that you will abandon old business practices and that you believe the new one will have positive results.
July 23, 2021

Digital Transformation in Banking

Banks continue to see more consumer engagement via technology than they do within their physical branches. The digital transformation set within the world is making the banking industry faster, more data driven and almost entirely wireless. Transformation, in the digital sense, describes the change that businesses undergo from old, outdated processes into more efficient but digitized solutions.

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