Digital Infrastructure & Integration Planning

Digital Infrastructure & Integration Planning lays out the foundation for transformation by creating a plan for world-class practices around infrastructure, cloud computing, and security services. The plan considers how to leverage technology architecture that is modern, lightweight, and based on APIs and microservices.

Base22 has strong experience in digital infrastructure planning, as well as with integrations of applications and legacy systems. We can join your technology roadmap works sessions or help you to guide one with your key stakeholders for your existing and upcoming projects. 

In each project we are involved in, we help our clients to set an enterprise-level hosting configuration and the best infrastructure solution design that best suits our clients’ business requirements, whether it is on-premises or in a Cloud service, including site optimization, high availability, security, and technical support. We take into consideration data consistency, systems compatibility, and user experience, always supported with a digital ecosystem approach. So, our clients can concentrate on how to make their business grow and make the best of the integrated solution provided.

Features & Benefits


Integrate Legacy & Back-end Systems

ERPs, CRMs and legacy applications aren’t built thinking of the user. Many digital processes are workflows depend on these back-end systems, but their interfaces don’t make it an easy task. By creating an integrated digital ecosystem, you can enable business audiences—such as customers, employees, and stakeholders—to target both productivity and efficiency.


Avoid Rip and Replace

With an integration planning approach, you can extend the value of your existing technology while also taking advantage of the latest innovation without tearing down the current infrastructure, jeopardizing operational continuity, or losing revenue.


Break Silos and Leverage Data

Legacy systems and applications usually don’t communicate with each other, creating silos. With an API-First approach and a microservices architecture, you can improve how you leverage data—having better control and governance over multiple systems and creating insight for business growth.


Know Where to Start

Large companies and enterprises have multiple legacy systems and applications that require a lot of technical skills to make improvements or adjustments. Our team can help you to create a roadmap for your integration efforts, target quick wins, and avoid costly pitfalls.

Digital Infrastructure & Integration Planning

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