Manufacturing Digital Consulting

Build a digital environment to bring the needs of your manufacturing group, including stakeholders, providers, suppliers, and investors to the next level.

The manufacturing industry is focused on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, with good reason. These businesses need more than an office environment, implementing technology across many different networks and systems.

Base22’s manufacturing digital consulting addresses every facet of a manufacturing organization, including communications, user experience, and solutions to leverage data for decision-making.

The Base22 Approach to Manufacturing Digital Consulting Services

Agile results

Supported by our strategy and accelerators, see Digital Transformation results in months, not in years.

Embrace and extend

Avoid “rip-and-replace” of your legacy systems. Manage technologies as a complete ecosystem.

Expand your reach

Bring technology, productivity, and adoption to every business audience, including employees and partners.

Build portals, mobile applications, custom applications, and innovative projects with speed, security, and agility leveraging Base22’s innovative approach for manufacturing.


Manage multiple audiences seamlessly with self-service platforms for B2B ecommerce, all in one centralized dashboard. Our 360° communications tools and IT infrastructure help you leverage your content to improve visibility and efficiency in your manufacturing group.

Customizable Dashboards

Offer personalized dashboards for each audience in your business ecosystem, including dealers, suppliers, providers, employees, investors, and third parties, all with enhanced user experience.

Operations Communities

Our solutions empower your audiences and turn them into effective communities that can make more informed decisions, communicate better, create content, and actively use digital resources to achieve true efficiency.

Manufacturing Digital Consulting: Challenges and Solutions

Manufacturing IT is often straightforward in its needs, but complex to address. Implementing better solutions starts with understanding the unique challenges.

Self-Service Communication

Manufacturing audiences want all their useful services in one place for more satisfying and efficient service. Base22 implements manufacturing communication that allows audiences to manage their transaction history and find their most useful services in one centralized location.

User Experience

Poor user experience negatively affects the client-business relationship. Bring UX-focused ecommerce to your B2B operations with self-service solutions and empowered audiences. Our solutions can cultivate active operations communities that can make more informed decisions and actively use digital resources to achieve true efficiency.      

Leveraging Data

Manufacturers have a wealth of organizational data, but they may not have the tools to use it for actionable insights. Base22 offers personalized dashboards for each audience of your business ecosystem, including providers, dealers, suppliers, employees, third parties, and investors, to enhance user experience and deliver your value promise.

Manufacturing Digital Consulting

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