Consolidated Global Employee Portal

A replatform and consolidation project for a global employee portal


PepsiCo is the second-largest food and beverage business in the world. Because almost every region, business unit and department within the company had independent intranets or were coming from a legacy portal, none of these entities were connected or readily shared information. This lack of interconnection created a multitude of issues for employees. Without guidelines or standards for information, each site had a different look and feel and a different site structure. Finding information was very difficult and email traffic and phone calls were common.


To address this challenge, PepsiCo decided to implement a global intranet choosing Base22 as its strategic partner to deliver this employee portal. Base22 started by working with the PepsiCo team to create the principles and foundation for the new portal which included personalized delivery tailored to each individual region and delivered based on employee role, a standardized user experience that could be shared by all, and a content management lifecycle that supported local content creation with appropriate governance.

The Base22 Portal Blueprint provided the structure and processes to create the desired foundation for the global portal. This foundation created a portal where information is delivered rather than searched and searching for information is significantly easier across business units and regions. Base22 led the migration of over 200,000 pieces of content delivered to over 325,000 employees supporting 25 languages. New features included mobile-responsive design, multi-language support on both components and content, and the ability to secure content based on location. Base22 team provided training and workshops to ensure the adoption of the new portal across the regions.


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