Digital Transformation Workshops

We help companies to envision, implement and adopt new user experiences and automated processes that engage with their audiences across channels. Our workshops enable them to propose solutions in a tangible manner in a very short amount of time.

Digital Transformation is not only about technology—it’s about people. That’s something to keep in mind when creating or planning to launch a new process or service for an organization. Making it relevant to the user’s needs, making it easy to manage, and overall, targeting business outcomes, requires strategic planning and buy-in from key departments and stakeholders to ensure success.

We approach Digital Transformation with a Digital-First mindset. We start with a problem, visualize the potential solution regardless of the technology, then we share, and adjust. By creating a clickable visual plan, you can put solutions in front of actual users to gather feedback, project viability, or management buy-in to fund a future project in a low-risk scenario. What follows is a high-level plan and proof of concept – the transformation journey begins.

Features & Benefits



Align your company’s current state to a new vision, creating consensus for milestones and plans. We use the “Art of Possible” methodology to explore alternatives to a problem or a specific interface. To achieve this outcome, we work with a broad team of stakeholders to understand user needs before designing a solution. 


Discover & Define

Build consensus about the features customers and stakeholders value most, prioritizing them according to the expectations. We review all major requirements and evaluate options to define timeframes with a tangible approach considering the timeline, technology, budget, and other aspects of the solution.


Create & Orchestrate

Gather input from a diverse group of attendees, leveraging capabilities across the company while making sure it targets user needs. Through strategic planning, we work with departments like Marketing, HR, and Design teams to understand previous solutions, insights, and user behavior to create a Digital-First solution. 

Digital Transformation Workshops

Featured Work Examples

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Learn how Base22's Digital Transformation blueprint launched a State-wide program to consolidate agencies in a single digital platform.

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Designing and implementing a transactional portal for an industrial equipment manufacturing company

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