Ohio Department of Transportation

User-Centric Agency Website

A redesign with user experience in mind


The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) needed a contractor to support the redesign of its main website alongside its onboarding process to InnovateOhio Platform. As the selected partner for this engagement, Base22 knew that the answer to ODOT’s challenge was not only in the technical know-how but in the human interactions and honest conversations. 


Base22 helped ODOT complete the digital transformation of their main website. Utilizing feedback from both internal and external stakeholders, Base22 redesigned and re-organized the website with user experience in mind. The Base22 team facilitated design sessions with the agency’s stakeholders that resulted in the information architecture and digital design that best fitted the agency’s needs. Our development team worked closely with ODOT to make sure the special features built solved the problem they were designed to fix.


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