Change Management

If your company is planning to roll out a new portal, mobile app, or digital service, establishing an effective Change Management program will help you to ensure that your organization adopts and makes the most out of the new solution. Our proven approach has allowed us to successfully deploy new digital solutions to thousands of customers, employees, and collaborators across the world.

We help companies and businesses think Digital-First. The focus of our change management method, the Catalyst Framework, is on organizational adoption to sustain a technology initiative for the future. We link desired outcomes to the audience user needs and required business processes to help the organization understand their meaning and importance.

For each project, we create a technology framework that consists of a set of reusable tools and is delivered as a set of services for the organization to consume and use in a more practical way. These “catalysts”, both software and processes, are used to deliver mini solutions and pilots that demonstrate immediate improvements and possibilities to entice organizational adoption.

Features & Benefits


Create Awareness and Entice

We can help you to establish desired outcomes and identify where the organization wants to end up far beyond the first project. With our support, you can create a roadmap for organizational awareness.


Create a Clear Vision

We support the change management process by creating design assets and prototypes that will allow for the experimentation of what the future transformation might look like.


Train and Support

Digital Transformation is not about technology—it’s about people. We support your technical and business audiences with training, bespoke materials, and resources to help drive adoption.


Drive Change Across your Organization

Through our Catalyst Framework we can build a program that assures adoption and a successful outcome. We don’t only provide a solution—we help you build the capability to create digital modern experiences.

Change Management

Featured Work Examples

Two horse close up isolated on black background
American Quarter Horse Association

New digital experiences for new and current members, and sponsors

A Digital Transformation Blueprint

Learn how Base22's Digital Transformation blueprint launched a State-wide program to consolidate agencies in a single digital platform.

Industrial B2B Portal
CNH Industrial

Designing and implementing a transactional portal for an industrial equipment manufacturing company

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