Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs

Whether it is with counseling for data models or leveraging our low-code in-house platform for Linked Data, Base22 is a strategic partner for your enterprise projects involving Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Graphs and data models.

Barriers to Digital Transformation are often data related–that is a lack of integration, consistency, and trustworthiness of enterprise structured and unstructured data. AI offers a potential solution but even AI is hampered without an accurate data model. Knowledge graphs offer a foundation for AI by establishing a singular data model, analyzing metadata relationships between objects, and finding patterns in those relationships.

Base22 leverages knowledge graphs built on a semantic graph database to write applications that access that singular data model, thereby optimizing business processes or delivering a hyper-personalized experience to a customer. Further, Base22 can use knowledge graphs as input to machine learning models to more readily train the models to offer more complete insight and predictions.

If you have an upcoming project related to data models or a challenge, let’s discuss—drop us a line using the form below. 

Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs

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