Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs

Artificial Intelligence can improve outcomes for customers, employees and the business. By exposing applications and data that often sits in another system “behind the firewall”, companies can continuously learn from these interactions, make new connections and drive new learnings thereby enriching the value of the data to improve engagement.

A/I is an important tool to leverage in the creation of a digital architecture once you have built your digital muscles during the earlier stages of Digital Transformation.

Base22 will help you build digital muscles by modernizing your digital experiences and creating digital processes. We can then use A/I to derive intelligence from these interactions to create more meaningful experiences and drive additional connections and collaboration.

A/I and knowledge graphs can be a key building block of a digital architecture.

Features & Benefits


Enrich Interactions with Behavioral Insights

Combine known customer and employee data with behavioral insights to enrich customer and employee interactions. For example, predicting actions required to move customers to checkout in online sales or delivering content customized to actions. In employee intranets, connecting employees with others that have similar needs or realizing a pattern of interaction to drive collaboration.


Bring Together Structured & Unstructured Data

Common barriers to leveraging A/I are often data related–that is a lack of integration, consistency, and trustworthiness of enterprise structured and unstructured data. To overcome those barriers, Base22 leverages knowledge graphs built on a semantic graph data base to establish a singular data model view.


Create Smarter Applications

Base22 also leverages knowledge graphs to write applications that access that singular data model, thereby optimizing business processes or delivering a hyper-personalized experience to a customer. Further, these knowledge graphs can be used as input to machine learning models to more readily train the models to offer more complete insight and predictions.


Strengthen your Digital Infrastructure

A/I and knowledge graphs can be key building blocks of a digital infrastructure that propel digital engagement. 

Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs

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