Cloud Migration and Cloud Technologies

We provide advisory services to evaluate what and when to migrate to the Cloud during the Digital Transformation journey. We will evaluate the best application deployment scenarios to optimize existing and new Cloud-based environments.

Our Cloud migration consulting services provide your business with the level of support you need to succeed.

Most often, hybrid Cloud environments result in a phased approach which allows for the evaluation of application modernization. Putting digital front-end platforms in the Cloud supports providing access to legacy applications in place without short-term disruption to those applications. The concept of containerization allows for the isolation of an existing application while enhancements are made through adopting a microservices architecture.

Looking for a Cloud migration strategy? If you are migrating to the Cloud or need support with one of your Cloud portals, let’s discuss how we can work together

Features & Benefits


Leverage World-class Cloud Consulting

Every Cloud service and implementation method has different control levels, flexibility, and type of management. Understanding the difference between Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Software-as-a-Service, as well as their own implementation strategies, is key. Our Cloud migration and adoption consultants can help you find the collection of services that suit your business needs in the best way possible.


Gain Clarity with a Technology Roadmap

Knowing where to start is key for technology projects. Work with our team of consultants to understand better the needs and challenges of your digital infrastructure and current environment. With our Cloud migration consulting services, you can set an effective strategy for going Cloud that takes into account key operational needs. 


Create a Long-term Cloud Migration Strategy

As part of our Cloud migration and adoption consulting services, we help your company to set a long-term strategy for leveraging the benefits of Cloud structures and supporting positive interactions with your business audiences. This strategy will be key in ensuring the success of your migration and enhancing user experience.


Agile Application and Content Migration

Our Cloud migration consultants are highly experienced in large migrations and leverage tools and accelerators that can help to reduce time and effort. Work with us to implement robust Cloud migration strategies and avoid costly pitfalls in your journey.


Integrate with your Existing Ecosystem

Keep your digital ecosystem integrated. We have the knowledge and experience to integrate new Cloud assets into your existing ecosystem, create dynamic Cloud portals that bring data and content from legacy systems, and enable your team to leverage heterogeneous sources of information.  

Cloud Migration and Cloud Technologies

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Cloud Migration: Challenges and Solutions

Our Cloud migration consultancy services are designed to help you overcome key challenges and find workable solutions to drive success on your project. Take a look at some of the common obstacles to successful migration:

Lack of Framework for Success

If you don’t have a robust roadmap to follow when undertaking a Cloud migration, you’ll quickly find yourself in trouble. Our consultants emphasize the importance of a clear roadmap to ensure success and provide key measurables to track the progress of your digital migration.

Lack of Experience

Every enterprise digital ecosystem is different and has its unique risks. Integrating Cloud technologies and migrating to the Cloud requires understanding existing connections, integrations, and software and workflow dependencies to avoid any downtime. With an experienced partner like Base22, our +15 years of portal and platform experience will help you avoid costly pitfalls, and achieve Digital Transformation with agility.

Poor Training and Education

No matter how successful the Cloud migration itself might be, if you don’t provide your teams with training on the changes that are taking place, and the best ways to use the Cloud technology, you’ll never fully benefit from the migration. Our Cloud migration service includes strategies on the best way to train staff and ensure they are leveraging Cloud technologies’ full potential.

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