Tinker Federal Credit Union

User-Centric Employee Portal

A modern and user-centric digital experience for Credit Union employees


Tinker Federal Credit Union (TFCU) is the largest credit union in Oklahoma, with over 332,000 members and more than $3.5 billion in assets. Employees of TFCU needed ready access to information to serve customers efficiently and in compliance with State and Federal regulations, policies and procedures. Over time, the growing library of documentation became increasingly difficult to search and manage through TFCU’s intranet. To make matters worse, critical content was buried within lengthy PDF documents therefore not easy to find and reference. TFCU lacked a single source of truth to be used for training, reference, and compliance audits.


The Base22 team implemented the solution using the Base22 Employee Portal Blueprint, which included proven information architecture, a rich set of design assets, and implementation patterns that would deliver an exceptional employee experience. Central to the solution was the creation of a content strategy that required much of the content to be converted to HTML from PDF documents. Once converted, Base22 created a taxonomy of tags to place on the content to allow employees to readily search and find content. Further, the Blueprint allowed TFCU content authors to publish and maintain content and deliver it based on employee roles which supported better customer service. TFCU has a shared repository which is a single source of truth that can be used for training, serving customer needs, and compliance audits.

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