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Creating a modern Digital Workplace is what your company needs to reach new levels of productivity, reduce admin costs and bolster operations through remote work. We help with employee engagement and retention through digital workplace services, intranet consulting, and intranet development.

Giving self-service across a complex organization is a matter of survival. Employees are in a tie with customers as a #1 priority. Meeting their expectations is difficult with the best-of-breed solutions used to satisfy individual employee journey needs such as recruit, onboard, learn, and perform.

Base22 provides a horizontal employee experience that provides the personalized self-service that employees expect in all their digital interactions while leveraging and making sense of the hundreds of user interfaces, workflows, and content sources.

Features & Benefits


Gain Time with Self-Service

A digital workplace is a one-stop shop for productivity. Employees from different departments can manage their own profile page, find vital tools and services in a single place, and reduce requests to HR and management.


Reduce Confusion and Disorganization

Going big means rethinking your information and resources. Together with our expertise and Digital Workplace Accelerators we can help you leverage your content and applications—from policies and procedures to videos—and increase findability and efficiency.


Bring Focus and Depth

Build personalized dashboards for each audience of your digital ecosystem, like employees, contractors, and collaborators. Enhance user experience and deliver your brand’s value promise through modern digital technologies.


Drive Collaboration and Engagement 

A digital workplace empowers your audiences and turns them into vibrant communities that can communicate and coordinate quickly, create content, and actively engage in the digital environment.

Employee Portals & Intranets

Featured Work Examples

Store Management

Mobile application to ensure highest quality customer experience

Franchisee Portal
Taco Bell

Improving reach and engagement with franchisee staff through a modern solution

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