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Digital Transformation roadmap & user-centric redesign for an individual and institutional pension fund manager

User-centric website redesign by Base22
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InverCap is a financial Mexican company dedicated to private and public pension fund management and financial services for clients participating in retirement plans and saving funds. To meet its objective to remain one of the top pension fund management companies in Mexico, InverCap focused on reimagining its digital channels in order to effectively engage with its multiple audiences.

Base22 helped Invercap create its technology roadmap for the future and launch a redesigned digital experience with a focus on maintaining brand consistency in digital marketing efforts, promoting financial education content, and providing critical, confidential information to plan participants.


Base22 led the design efforts, bringing together more than 30 directors and leaders in a series of work sessions, for the public website and the secure website providing information to plan participants. The public website required the development of a content strategy to support marketing and financial education.

The secure site required deep integration with InverCap’s ERP to provide financial and performance information to participants. Base22 also led the creation of a technology roadmap to support the planned changes to the sites’ functionality.

Some of the key solution features included a vision for the new digital experience, definition of audiences, user journeys and marketing conversion goals, a streamlined design with a focus on accessibility for the elderly, and a consistent UX/UI approach for both public website and Account Management Portal, utilizing Mobile-First techniques, to create a seamless experience.

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