Support and Grow

We provide ongoing support for your new digital presence and processes to enable your IT staff to focus on other strategic initiatives. We will keep the environment up to date and operating efficiently with a customized support program.

At Base22, we provide ongoing support services for areas such as digital platforms management and application support management. Our support model includes troubleshooting, issue resolution, software upgrades and security hotfix rollouts, release management, content and configuration support, and overall change management support when needed. 

We are portal and digital platform experts. The value added to every service we provide is reflected in our long-term relationships with our clients. We do not only implement a technical solution—rather we provide a strategic support based on our client’s need, utilizing specialized software or methods to carry out our engagements. As a result of our relationships, we bring greater stability to our client’s organizations, helping them to respond to their unique needs and challenges.

Features & Benefits


Manage your Application or Portal with Base22

Base22 is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We work with our clients to provide them with continuous support to maintain and modernize their solutions. This includes, but is not limited to, their back-end systems and custom applications, web services, applications, and integrations with third-party services and platforms.


Manage Improvements and Bug Fixes

In our experience, we know that maintaining good performance is essential to all organization portals and websites that serve wide audiences. It is strongly correlated to user experience, which impacts the accessibility and effectiveness of the website. Our team can help you with maintenance, quality and performance.


Ensure the Success of your Projects

Our expert-driven DevOps patterns ensure ongoing success. Our communication processes and collaboration software will allow you to monitor, control and keep in touch with our team at every stage of your journey.


Enable your IT Capabilities to Scale

We truly believe in working with other teams. Along our +15 years of history, we have worked with multiple vendors and firms. We believe in seamless communication, enabling your organization to scale, and setting your organization to grow in the right way.

Support and Grow

Featured Work Examples

Agency Website
Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning

Supporting digital experiences for an award-winning regional agency

Industrial B2B Portal
CNH Industrial

Designing and implementing a transactional portal for an industrial equipment manufacturing company

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