Enterprise Intranet Design

What the internet is to the world, a company intranet is to your organization. A company's intranet is accessible only to your team members and possibly your key customers and vendors. It is not available to the general public.

Think of your company's intranet as a digital workplace for your employees. A useful intranet is an essential tool that helps define your company culture and facilitates communicating and collaborating.

What Kind of Information Should be Stored on an Intranet?

Your company intranet design should be carefully mapped out before implementation. Once you have begun the process, you will be able to observe what areas of information should be shored up. You'll need to collect employee feedback on things that they would like to see incorporated. All information regarding your company's policies, procedures, processes, and knowledge belong on your intranet.

Your intranet homepages should be the central hub for navigation, with each additional intranet page devoted to a single topic. Examples are company news, employee recognition, essential internal communications, and possibly areas for your customers and vendors to find your company's policies and procedures.

Corporate intranets can also be used as a social intranet for your employees to interact with one another for "off-topic" things like recipe swaps, social events, or "for sale" items.

What Are the Benefits of a Company Intranet?

A company intranet is probably one of the most powerful communication tools that a business can use to increase employee engagement and provide real-time updates on breaking news companywide.

An intranet solution also provides a centralized, secure location for your employees to find information. An intranet is the single source of truth for any topic your company needs to provide information for. Additionally, it is much more collaborative than a traditional repository of files because it can be set up to allow commentary and feedback.

Providing company visibility to employee recognition and other benefit programs can enhance company morale as well as unite employees in multiple locations into a more tightly knit group.

A good intranet design makes onboarding new employees faster and more efficient. By including all the steps necessary to begin work through checklists, forms, and access to human resource and technical personnel, it facilitates a smooth transition into your company culture and reduces the "street to seat" time.

Knowledge sharing becomes ingrained in your company culture because your intranet makes it easy to collaborate and share information companywide. This serves to break down the problem of silos of information because it is all available on the intranet.

An intranet also allows you to reinforce your company's mission, vision, and values, thus solidifying your brand messaging. This is especially true for those company intranets which have a private area for critical customers or vendors. Policies related directly to those user bases can be stored and accessible at all times, cutting down on support requests for that type of information.

Publishing information companywide can reduce emails and meetings. It then becomes the employee's responsibility to stay on top of things by visiting your "news of the day" section" rather than yours in trying to hold large meetings to communicate important information.

All of these benefits and more show the value of connecting your workforce using an enterprise intranet, and our team can help you construct and implement the most useful intranet for your employees. Contact Base22 today to get started.

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