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Redesigning and modernizing a global employee portal

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UPS is a company with operations that involves 500,000+ employees and collaborators around the globe. Being a logistics-focused business with operations spanning package delivery services to owning and operating airline, coordinating and communicating with its workforce and teams is crucial to achieving its distinctive efficiency and reliability. At the core of this process is where UPSers, their global employee portal, lives.

UPS requested Base22 to help with a modernization and redesign of its employee portal. Base22 implemented the first version of UPSers’ and has participated in several upgrades and design improvements over time. As part of this strategic effort, UPS wanted to involve a large group of stakeholders to assure that the modernization effort satisfied is global needs.


Base22 worked with 30+ different stakeholder teams from different business units to align their vision and gather requirements based on the company’s unique needs and political challenges. Base22 facilitated workshops to identify and prioritize needs and requirements to use as input to the design process. Using “The Art of Possible” methodology, Base22 considered and developed a visual prototype for a new employee portal based on the interviews, research, UX vision workshops, and Base22’s own 20 years of experience in enterprise portals.

The design focuses on a highly personalized employee experience that includes corporate, regional, and local information, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Some innovative features included in our solution were a Mobile-First UX/UI design ready for on-the-go users, a custom workflow for content delivery in 17 languages, 30+ user attributes that build a highly personalized experience, and 100+ technology integrations to UPS systems leveraging a powerful Digital Experience Platform.

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