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Users’ expectations for digital interactions are increasing with constituents expecting a secure, personalized, and seamless digital experience to access all state services. However, the State of Ohio had over 200 websites built on hundreds of different tools with inconsistent user experiences, messaging, interaction patterns, and varying ADA compliance. In addition, over 50% of the state systems maintained some combination of personal or financial data.

The State needed an umbrella site that would aggregate content and systems access from all state agencies with a common, easy-to-understand user experience. In addition, the state needed to create a centrally-managed single identity that would allow citizen access to all state systems. In short, the state needed to create a governance structure for its interactions with citizens.


The project was the first key milestone in leveraging the InnovateOhio Platform developed by Base22. This project created a series of templates and universal components that could be used by all state agencies to create their online presence and access to services. allows for the integration of all agencies into a one-stop site that appears consistent to the citizen. Base22 created a standardized taxonomy and content authoring methods that establish content governance around how content is created, approved, promoted, and retired.

The Base22 team managed the full project lifecycle from change management, design, implementation, testing, and release of the solution. After creating a full high-fidelity prototype to support the change management program, Base22 created a plan to map and migrate all the assets and content.

Leveraging functionality and security provided by a Digital Experience Platform, has a full-faceted search capability, single identity, and single sign-on, uses an adaptive and innovative Information Architecture, decentralized but governed content management, and is mobile-friendly. 

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