UX & UI Digital Design Consulting Services

User Experience puts your portal, mobile app, or interface to the ultimate test. If the user can’t navigate, find information quickly, or achieve its outcomes, your digital channel won’t be successful. With a UX Evaluation, you can understand better the needs of your different business audiences, offer a Mobile-First experience, and streamline digital processes and services delivered by your organization.

Features & Benefits

Successful Digital Transformation demands a rethink of your business models and customer experiences. This is why we take a Design Thinking approach to our UX consultancy services and evaluations. We get into the user’s mindset, understanding what they want to accomplish and then examining how the online channel delivers on those needs. This gives us key performance baselines to measure progress and improvement.

We also examine your objectives for your online channel. Each business setup is different, and each project is unique, so we take the time to understand where you want to be and what your users want to achieve through your digital channels. With our UX consulting, you can create modern digital experiences, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ensure your user journeys are effective and aligned with your business outcomes. 

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Align User Experience with Business Goals

Our UX consultancy services and evaluations help you better understand your users’ needs — whether these users are B2B clients, retail customers, employees, or vendors. We examine how these needs fit with your business goals and develop a strategy for bringing these needs and goals into line.


Improve your User Journeys

User journeys are critical for achieving your business goals. By reducing steps and making your products and services easy to engage with, you are laying the foundation for your portal, application, or mobile app to grow.


Provide a Consistent User Experience

Companies must deliver a consistent UX through multiple digital channels. With UX evaluation and consultancy services, you gain more insight into how to improve and where to start.


Ensure Brand Value

Your channel features are only one aspect of the user experience—you must ensure total engagement with your brand value. When you draw on user experience design services and user interface design consulting, you ensure your digital channel delivers this brand value across every touchpoint.

UX & UI Digital Design Consulting Services

Featured Work Examples

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American Quarter Horse Association

New digital experiences for new and current members, and sponsors

UX Design: Challenges and Solutions

Let’s look at the main challenges and how our UX consultants can help you find solutions:

Not Understanding Users' Needs

If you don’t spend time understanding the users of your digital channels, you won’t be able to create and design a digital experience that will successfully meet their needs. Considering user behavior, user journeys, and their goals is critical at the Design stage. Our team of UX design consultants leverages a Design Thinking approach to ensure our digital solutions are made with the user’s needs at the front of mind.

Fragmented Customer Journeys and Disjointed Experiences

Ensuring you provide a consistent, intuitive digital experience across your channels is a common challenge for companies and businesses today. Whether your channels are a website, portal, or mobile app, the digital experience must reflect your brand value and provide a positive cross-platform user experience. As part of our approach, we establish Design Systems to let your company consistently grow across channels and following branding guidelines.

Lack of Mobile Strategy

Often companies believe that mobile solutions are for customers and clients only. However, with the rise of remote work, both mobile design and responsive design have become critical for enterprise digital solutions. Supporting frontline workers and employees on the move, collecting information on the field, and providing self-service for your partners are some of the benefits of a Mobile-First design. Through our UX design and consulting services, our team is ready to identify your audiences’ needs and ensure our digital solutions provide the best experience no matter when and where your users want to engage.

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