Digital Government Services

Modern citizens expect the same intuitive experience from the public sector as the private sector, leading to demand for government organizations to digitalize. From emerging constituents to delivering services remotely, local, state, and federal governments are in need of Digital Transformation.

Base22 offers digital government solutions to support federal, state, and local governments that face increasing citizen expectations and rising costs to serve. We can reduce the time spent by agencies dealing with citizen requests while meeting strict security standards by bringing access and processes online.          

The Base22 Approach to Government Digital Transformation

Agile results

Supported by our strategy and accelerators, see Digital Transformation results in months, not in years.

Embrace and extend

Avoid “rip-and-replace” of your legacy systems. Manage technologies as a complete ecosystem.

Expand your reach

Bring technology, productivity, and adoption to every business audience, including employees and partners.

Build portals, mobile applications, custom applications, and innovative projects with speed, security, and agility leveraging Base22’s innovative approach for government.

Website Building Self-Service

Government entities can expand digital experience to multiple divisions with a seamless approach, deploying microsites in a fraction of the time of legacy processes. 

Single Source of Truth 

Manage thousands of documents from different agencies while avoiding confusion with an Information Architecture to maintain assets in a well-organized and highly accessible manner.

Reusable Patterns and Design System

With reusable components and UI systems that work across different websites, our government solutions and design systems maintain a seamless experience and avoid unnecessary reworking.


Keep a strong set of documentation of decisions at both a high and technical level with government digital solutions that work faster and better with multiple vendors at the same time, all without losing control of the digital experience.

Digital Government: Challenges and Solutions

Government entities are slow to scale digital solutions because of significant obstacles, such as:

Organizational Silos

Siloed strategies and decision-making impact every aspect of successful Digital Transformation, from funding to strategy to implementation. Silos exist across all types of government entities and departments, all of which require a tailored strategy to succeed. Base22 can centralize your organization for a single source of truth to help staff and constituents communicate effectively.

Traditional Approach

Government institutions are largely traditional, running critical applications on legacy IT infrastructure. Outdated systems present challenges with security, lack of scale, and limited capabilities that impede operations. Base22 can help your organization manage solutions from multiple vendors without losing the digital experience.

Legacy Systems

Most government organizations are slow to Digital Transformation, costing time and productivity. Base22’s solutions combine reusable components and UI systems that work across multiple websites to maintain a seamless experience and improve efficiency.

Digital Government Services

Featured Work Examples

Supplier Portal
State of Ohio

Designing and implementing a Supplier Portal for a State Government

Agency Website
Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning

Supporting digital experiences for an award-winning regional agency

A Digital Transformation Blueprint

Learn how Base22's Digital Transformation blueprint launched a State-wide program to consolidate agencies in a single digital platform.

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