CNH Industrial

Industrial B2B Portal

Designing and implementing a transactional portal for an industrial equipment manufacturing company

B2B dealer portal


CNH Industrial is a global organization that design, produces, and sells agricultural machinery and construction equipment. They needed to modernize their dealer portal that serves 9 distinctive brands through a network of 11,500+ dealers, in more than 170 countries, and communicates in 29 languages. The dealer portal is THE sales channel for CNHi and must be highly reliable and efficient to keep revenue flow and encourage dealers to prefer CNHi over competing brands dealers may represent.


Base22 worked with CNHi to create the new portal design through a Mobile-First approach, with improved user management and administration that solved the inherent complexities of a global consortium. The new user experience improved the portal search capability and allowed for customized dealer dashboards.

We worked with stakeholders across the globe including key dealers to identify process changes and information access improvement that would make the dealer portal more seamlessly integrate into dealer daily business routines. Extensive work was done to assure that the need for different roles in dealerships was addressed as well as providing variations to accommodate country-specific business policies.

As the sales channel for CNHi, the portal integrates into the backend systems such as the SAP ERP to provide key functionality to dealers such as inventory management, product configuration, pricing and sales ordering, part explosion and parts ordering, and warranty management. The portal is also the single source of truth for information such as product promotions, product bulletins, service records, dealership performance data, and order status. To serve the needs of field sales and service personnel, Base22 created a mobile application that provides product catalog, parts explosion, and configuration functionality all sync’d with the ERP system. This multi-year effort started with a holistic roadmap and was finalized by a global rollout of the solution.

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