Healthcare Digital Consulting

Implement digital solutions to support your healthcare organization and achieve cutting-edge care.

The Healthcare industry is one of the most sensitive across the globe, impacting people physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Ongoing market pressures for security, patient safety, affordability, and privacy create a demand for digital solutions to keep hospitals, healthcare systems, and care providers lean and agile.

With Base22’s digital consultants, Healthcare organizations can take a comprehensive approach to digital infrastructure and clinical technology. Base22 can leverage Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) to create multiple solutions aimed at hospital administration, customer experience, or communication with providers.

The Base22 Approach to Healthcare Digital Consulting Services

Agile results

Supported by our strategy and accelerators, see Digital Transformation results in months, not in years.

Embrace and extend

Avoid “rip-and-replace” of your legacy systems. Manage technologies as a complete ecosystem.

Expand your reach

Bring technology, productivity, and adoption to every business audience, including employees and partners.

Build portals, mobile applications, custom applications, and innovative projects with speed, security, and agility leveraging Base22’s innovative approach for Healthcare facilities.

Efficiency and Organization

Remove the barriers and obstacles with Information Architecture that leverages your existing content. Improve efficiency among your Healthcare staff with an organizational approach to data and information.


We won’t rip and replace your systems. We seamlessly integrate your existing technologies with new solutions to improve efficiency, performance, and decision-making.

Self-Service Platforms

The Healthcare industry requires better self-service solutions and automated processes. Our approach ensures that our platforms support information flow and support the needs of your team.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Challenges and Solutions

Cost Crisis

The cost crisis in the Healthcare industry presents an IT challenge that needs to be addressed. Rising costs in organizations have a ripple effect on patients, discouraging them from seeking advanced–and potentially life-saving–diagnostic services like MRIs and CT scans. Modern digital infrastructure and automation alleviates labor shortages, stabilizes operations, and drives down costs. Base22 can remove obstacles in this process and build solutions that are fully self-service and automated, all while supporting the work of physicians and nurses.

Disjointed Communication Channels

Tapping into digital solutions like portals, websites, mobile apps, and applications helps Healthcare providers to communicate, plan and find the information they need to operate when it works best for them. Base22 can provide a better digital experience to help you deliver for your patients.

Lack of Secure Digital Spaces

Healthcare organizations need secure digital spaces for providers and suppliers. In many ways, Healthcare organizations operate like logistics operations, relying on the timely delivery of products and services. There’s a lack of secure digital spaces in Healthcare and a lack of easy access to consolidated, usable, real-time data. Base22 eliminates silos with digital workspaces and integrations.

Usability Issues

Healthcare systems are poorly designed, which acts as a critical barrier to effective Digital Transformation. New digital solutions may not be enough, especially if they don’t seamlessly integrate with other technologies. This not only creates issues with security and safety but inhibits productivity and workflows for staff. Base22 doesn’t rip and replace. Instead, we combine existing technologies and new integrations to create a robust and easy-to-use solution.


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