A&W Food Services of Canada

Fast-Food Franchisee Portal

Empowering franchise owners and staff across restaurants


A&W Canada is one of the largest fast food restaurant chains in Canada. A&W Xchange was a legacy in-house developed application launched in 1998 to serve franchise owners, restaurant managers and staff. While it provided collaboration and data collection functions, it was not great at managing critical content like promotions, policies, and training. Creating content was a challenge and providing single sign-on to many critical applications was a challenge. Data collection was cumbersome and getting timely content such as marketing promotions to franchisees was difficult.


Base22 selected and implemented a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) which provided the services to satisfy A&W’s requirements. The proven Base22 Portal Blueprint was used as the basis of the portal implementation to provide a significantly improved user experience and functionality required. The portal content structure followed the Base22 Content-First approach which provides robust content tagging (metadata) and establishes a strong governance structure for content publishers. Content-First also provides personalized delivery of content based on unit ID and role and supports robust enterprise search. Single Sign-On was implemented leveraging the DXP authentication framework and applications were integrated into the portal using the DXP integration framework. Electronic forms were implemented for data collection and collaboration tools like blogs, surveys, and polls were part of the solution.

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