WPS Aspirus

Insurance Public Site and Customer / Agent Portal

Modernizing the insurance digital experience to be competitive


Aspirus/Arise (AA) is a joint venture between WPS HI and the Aspirus Provider Network. WPS Aspirus came to Base22 with the need to live up to the standards of the best competitors in the insurance sector as their website faced challenges such as ease of use and dated look and feel. WPS Aspirus needed a public-facing website compliant with NCQA to allow visitors to easily locate and select a plan type and get an automated quote based on the information given by the visitor.

In addition, AA needed an authenticated portal that would serve the needs of policyholders, employers, agents, and providers. The portal design had to provide information from multiple back-end systems to satisfy the needs of these diverse audiences and allow for transaction submittals such as policyholder claims, provider reimbursement claims, and agent renewal processing.


Base22’s solution was focused on a design approach for their public portal, by first implementing a benchmark investigation based on a set of competitors’ websites and providing WPS Aspirus with a benchmark study which included new, internet-based insurance companies coming into the marketplace.

Base22 also deployed a series of workshops dedicated to developing an approved foundation for the design structure, the layout, whiteboarding, and the Information Architecture, as well as training WPS Aspirus’ content authors in order to follow a brand voice for a cohesive narrative on the public website.

Base22 also held workshops with internal and external stakeholders (agents and providers) to identify the key processes that needed to be digitally transformed and provided via the new portal. Based on those digitally transformed processes, Base22 designed a user experience that supported delivering the processes, transactions, and content to the target audiences.

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