Health-focused marketing website

Helping chronic pain users to connect with specialized doctors digitally


Medfully was a company focused on relieving chronic pain for its users. The company came to Base22 with the need of creating a new brand identity and the creation of a website catalog of easy absorption for the user in order to document every chronic pain and connect this database with a catalog of doctors specializing in pain management.


We designed a solution based on Liferay DXP portal using the Base22 Blueprint models aligned to an experience for users of the medical branch. Base22 approached Medfully to create a content and brand strategy, coupled with the design and information architecture work. Some of the most important functionalities implemented in this solution were the flows focused on converting new customers, the content support for members, flows focused on the authoring experience, chronic pain databases, and a marketing strategy with content aimed at users based on their browsing patterns and pain management preferences.


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