How Digital Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

Every business needs its own unique marketing strategy. Different approaches work better for different industries, but digital marketing has become the most versatile and integrated type of marketing in the 21st century. With over 78% of the American population connected to the internet, every business has a chance to reach its audience online with the help of digital marketing consulting.


The Impact of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is often something new businesses immediately rely on, but established companies can struggle to implement an effective strategy. To those with loyal customers already, digital marketing can seem redundant and unnecessary. This is often because companies fail to identify opportunities after a purchase, like brand loyalty or re-purchasing, and how to tackle them.

Digital marketing evaluations can provide insight into how your content is performing, giving you valuable details on customer behavior, needed to design more effective marketing and sales materials and communicate better with your audience.

What Are Your Goals?

Establishing an online presence is a precursor to online marketing. Simply existing on the Internet doesn’t drive any results. Before a company can even think of achieving success through digital marketing, it must first develop a goal that will pioneer its marketing campaign. With a specific objective in mind, such as an increase in recurring customers or increasing website traffic, it becomes easier to both design and monitor content.

There are different types of digital marketing analytics we take into account. One is your ROI, or return on investment. This indicates how much you’ve gotten out of the money you’ve spent on advertising. Another is KPIs, or key performance indicators. These are non-monetary values that can track engagement on a website or piece of content, the time people spend on a web page before navigating somewhere else, and how many people are seeing content that’s being marketed to them via email or social media marketing.

By identifying clear, quantifiable goals, you can set up an evaluative marketing plan that will allow you to make changes that increase your odds of success in real-time. Without any goals, the content lacks direction and fails to deliver results to you and value to your audience.

Define Your Budget

Currency in the digital world can take on many forms. Although money is involved in the creation of materials and advertisements, there are other metrics to consider. An investment might be the amount of time and resources they put into a particular strategy such as the number of posts a company creates for its Instagram page. Budgets generally align with goals as well, so a monetary investment is more likely going to seek a fiscal return whereas posts might be targeted to generate greater visibility and engagement.

How You Can Evaluate Digital Marketing Efforts

Professional digital marketing evaluations help you improve existing digital marketing strategies, define relevant social channels for external communications, and guide the development of new content. In addition to formulating new campaigns, we help you set digital marketing goals and teach you the best tools of the trade so you are able to easily monitor your progress.

Google Analytics is the core program used for digital marketing evaluations. Everything from clicks-per-link to time spent on a webpage can be viewed through the platform. We can conduct SEO analyses across your website to determine which keywords attract the most visitors, which pieces of content are optimized for search engines, and which ones could be improved.

Our evaluations include identification of strengths and weaknesses, suggestions for improvement, evaluation of user experience, and recommendations on branding. Our goal is to help you identify your company’s strongest points and teach you how to maximize them while improving aspects that aren’t benefiting you and your customers.

Digital Marketing Evaluations

Digital Marketing Evaluations are the first step in finding out where your branding and marketing is failing. We take a holistic approach to find out every detail and metric that’s helping and hurting. Then we work with you to define and refine goals, and then determine the best path forward. Taking it a step further lets us do the heavy lifting for you.

If you would like to learn more, contact our team at Base22 today. We can discuss your digital marketing goals and how our professional evaluations could help you achieve them.

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