Digital Transformation at the State of Ohio: an Interview with Rafael Trujillo, CEO of Base22

Interview with Rafael Trujillo, CEO of Base22

Since 2017, Base22 has been a key partner to the State of Ohio in their digital transformation process. Supported by our new delivery center in the city of Columbus, our consultants have been dedicated to working with the many agencies and their stakeholders to create and deliver new digital experiences for the citizens of the Buckeye state, powered by HCL Digital Experience platform.

In a recent video interview with HCL, Base22's CEO, Rafael Trujillo, shared the challenges of working with complex organizations, and the extensive and thorough background work that is needed in order to be fully prepared for growth and emergent technologies.

"Going through digital transformation is not easy. You have different groups around, and particularly in the State, the government, you have a lot of different silos, different motivations, different stages within their digital technologies. We needed products that enticed them to jump into this journey", said Rafael in the interview.

"Digital transformation is about not only enabling organizations to react faster in an agile way and communicate through different channels— it is also about making sure you are prepared for the things we don't know yet, in the future."

The complete video is available on YouTube.

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