New webinar by Base22 and Liferay: Silo-verse in Higher Education

Join us on Thursday, April 27 @ 12 pm EDT, to discuss the Silo-verse and its impact on Higher Education organizations with the webinar “Across the Silo-verse: Delivering a Modern Student CX that unifies your cloud and backend systems“.

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Kevin Armstrong, will impart this webinar presented by Base22 and Liferay.

Presented by Base22 and Liferay

Webinar “Across the Silo-verse: Delivering a Modern Student CX that unifies your cloud and backend systems”

by Kevin Armstrong, Managing Partner at Base22 
Thursday, April 27 @ 12 pm EDT

In this webinar, we will discuss the Silo-verse: multiple cloud and backend systems that store and manage the organization’s processes and data but aren’t aligned to deliver a unified, engaging experience for students. We will review the digital challenges of the Silo-verse and how Higher Education institutions can deliver a functional and modern student digital customer experience that unifies their digital systems. 

During our session, we’ll present our project with Stanford University and how Base22’s unique approach helped transform its Student Portal and digital ecosystem in months, not years.

About Us

Kevin Armstrong is Base22’s Chief Innovation Officer. He has a twenty-five-year career leveraging his experience as a CTO, CIO, owner, and consultant. He successfully designs and implements business outcome-focused solutions while applying innovation methodologies to lead and support transformational enterprise initiatives for commercial and public clients.

Base22 is a digital consulting firm with 15+ years of cross-industry experience in Digital Transformation. As a result, we have helped highly prestigious Higher Education Institutions such as Stanford University to drive strategy, implementation, and adoption efforts around modern digital customer experiences supported by leading enterprise technologies.

Liferay helps organizations meet their unique challenges by creating innovative, customer-centered experiences on their cloud-powered digital experience platform (DXP). Liferay’s platform is open source, which makes it more reliable and secure. Over a thousand organizations in financial services, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, and government use Liferay worldwide. Engage with Liferay at

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