Manufacturing Digital Consulting

Build a digitally enabled environment to connect company systems and processes to ecosystem partners that serves each of their business process lifecycle needs. Leverage our digital solutions and accelerators to drive business growth.

distributors served
from one single solution
5000 +
employees & seasonal workers
reached from one portal
300000 +
faster than
traditional projects

Explore our Manufacturing Solutions to Drive Growth 

Base22’s manufacturing digital consulting addresses every facet of a manufacturing organization, including communications, UX, and solutions to leverage data for decision-making. 

B2B Customer &
Distributor Portal

Manage the complete B2B buying experience from a single platform.

B2B Partner

Support sales enablement efforts with a secure space for collaboration.

Intranets &
Employee Portals

Bring your workforce's apps, systems, and tools into one single place.

Supplier Portals

Build a tailored self-service supplier portal, with transactions & integrations.

Our DXP Solutions Support Tailored & Integrated Ecosystems 

Manufacturing Digital Infrastructure

Since the First Industrial Revolution, the manufacturing industry has spearheaded change by leveraging technology to take its internal processes and operations to reach new limits. There has been no difference in the last couple of decades: as digital innovation arrived and disrupted multiple industries and markets, manufacturing companies have employed technology not only to streamline their production lines and optimize their processes but also to engage business audiences like customers, employees, partners, and distributors.

As a digital firm with expertise in portals and platforms, we support manufacturing companies searching for responsiveness, scalability, and effective B2B communication for business growth. Our tailored solutions allow manufacturing companies to establish a digitally-enabled ecosystem to connect company systems and processes to partners that serve each of their business process lifecycle needs. And with our approach, you can do this without disrupting the systems in place.

The Base22 Approach to Manufacturing Digital Consulting Services

Agile results

See Digital Transformation results in months, not in years.

Embrace and extend

Avoid “rip-and-replace” of your legacy systems and applications.

Expand your reach

Bring technology, productivity, and adoption to every audience.

Build portals, mobile applications, custom applications, and innovative projects with speed, security, and agility leveraging Base22’s innovative approach for manufacturing.

Manufacturing Digital Solutions Features

From strategy and UI/UX design to launch, we support your business outcomes and technology requirements. Our full-spectrum services and Manufacturing Digital Consulting are the foundation of our solutions.

Unique Digital Experiences
Leverage Digital Experience Platform capabilities to create and tailor engaging digital experiences to drive business.
B2B Platform
Implement modern platforms to empower your teams with self-service functionality. Remove friction and achieve growth.
Integrated Ecosystem
Overcome siloed processes, systems and data. Extend the value of existing legacy technology with our connectors and integration tools.
Engage Multiple Audiences
Support multiple audiences from a single platform. Includes integrated analytics to engage with buyers and improve adoption.
Partner with Experts
Work with us to leverage our expertise and accelerators to avoid costly pitfalls. We offer advisory services and consulting to design, adopt and implement the solution.
Mobile-First Approach
Engage your audiences on the field with our Mobile-First approach. Accessibility compliant.

Our Digital Solutions are 40% Faster than Traditional Projects

Benefits of our Manufacturing Digital Solutions

Modern Experience Comes First
Digital Experience Platforms are powerful allies for business. Manage multiple audiences from one single platform. Customers will have a personalized experience when engaging with your business.
Increase Partners & Distributors Engagement
Partners and distributors will have a personalized experience which makes it easy for them to be successful, support their customers and grow revenue with a personalized partner portal.
Expand Your Sales Reach with Mobile
Field sales and customer service people will have access and visibility to the same information as customers and partners to rapidly and efficiently serve customers lowering the cost to serve.
Sharing IOT Data
IOT Information captured from machines and sensors can be shared with customers and partners in the ecosystem.
One Central Location for Suppliers
Suppliers will have one central self-service location where they can share documents, product information, availability and pricing, programs and promotions thus streamlining vendor management.
Extreme Flexibility for the Future
Extreme flexibility to respond to future business needs as the ecosystem evolves, such as adding an A/I layer to optimize ecosystem interaction and add further efficiencies.
B2B Commerce Solution

Ejemplos de nuestro trabajo

Manufacturing Digital Consulting: Common Challenges and Painpoints 

Manufacturing IT is often straightforward in its needs, but complex to address. Implementing better solutions starts with understanding the unique challenges of Manufacturing and companies with B2B business models.

Old and New Systems

Manufacturing companies have complex digital ecosystems: a combination of legacy systems and applications, and new modern systems, such as Cloud technologies. Manufacturing companies can modernize the experiences around their business model without replacing their existing ecosystem. With a Digital Experience Platform and a systems integration approach, companies can consolidate the digital ecosystem, leverage data, and offer modern, rich experiences to their audiences with agility.  

Many Audiences, Poor UX 

Poor user experience negatively affects any time relationship, including B2B. Targeting end-users, buyers, and partners may be too complex without the right tools. With a Digital Experience Platform you can bring modern and rich experiences to your B2B operations, and easily manage personalized experiences for multiple audiences. Cultivate active operations communities that can make more informed decisions and actively use digital resources to achieve true efficiency through a tailored B2B Platform.

Increasing Costs with Fewer Employees

It’s not a secret that many companies are facing higher costs to transact and serve because of the disruption in global supply chains and inflation. In addition to this, employees are demanding better experiences and engagement with the companies, with results in higher turnover rates. Our approach focuses on enabling your business with digital self-service processes and transactions that can reduce cost-per-transactions, enable sales and purchases 24/7 with scalability, and achieve greater impact with the same resources. 

Too Much Data

Manufacturers have a wealth of organizational data, but they may not have the tools to integrate it effectively, and use it for actionable insights. Base22 offers personalized dashboards for each audience of your business ecosystem, including providers, dealers, suppliers, employees, third parties, and investors, to enhance user experience and enable them to focus on business growth. 

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