Ensuring B2B Success with a Tailored DXP Portal

Standard e-Commerce products may enable digital sales, but won't give the support needed to build long-lasting relationships. Leverage our end-to-end services and consulting through our tailored DXP solutions for B2B.

A top b2b digital platform powered by consulting

The Benefits of a Tailored DXP Portal

Generic e-Commerce products don’t consider your business model and unique requirements. Our solutions and portals are backed by our global consulting practice and leverage the best Digital Experience Platform for B2B. 

Tailored to Business Model

We meet users' needs, requirements, & critical workflows.

Integration Needs

Leverage existing systems & data via modern interfaces.

Top B2B Digital Platform

Liferay DXP is a top platform for B2B use cases (Gartner).

Unique Tools & Accelerators

The right tools to build and deliver projects 40% faster.

an integrated approach to b2b growth

B2B is a CX Marathon, Not A Sprint

Unlike B2C, in B2B business models every touchpoint matters. Our solutions target the complete B2B Customer Journey plus your company’s specific needs, building long-lasting business relationships and growth.

+15 years of experience as a firm

Delivering modern solutions for organizations around the world

Build the best B2B solution for your company in months, not years.

Have a technology challenge? Get a personalized consultation by scheduling a free call with our expert consultants.

Have a technology challenge? Schedule a call with our expert consultants.

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All-in-one Solution for B2B: Do More with Less

Base22 and Liferay’s powerful partnership brings modern customer experience to B2B companies in months, not years. Our agile approach to Digital Transformation is perfect for unique and  complex digital challenges. 


Tailored B2B Portal Powered by Liferay

Liferay DXP powers our portal solution. Integrate systems to streamline ordering & offer frictionless experiences. 


Personalize Buying Experience

Offer more than transactions. Personalize & optimize the complete buying experience & enable quick access to info pre and post sales.


Modern Channels for Every Audience

Manage multiple channels from a single platform. Cater content and transactions to distributors, partners, suppliers, and franchises.


Go Mobile with your B2B Sales

Drive field teams with B2B Sales mobile capabilities. Engage your audiences on both desktop and mobile devices. 


Self-Managed Platform Option

With Liferay Experience Cloud, leverage features such as autoscaling and monitoring. Let your team focus on what’s important. 

Explore our Commerce & B2B Portals to Drive Growth 

Take a look at some of our tailored solutions & portals that can transform your company with agility. 

B2B Customer &
Distributor Portal

Manage the complete B2B buying experience from a single platform.

B2B Partner

Support sales enablement efforts with a secure space for collaboration.

Supplier &
Vendor Portals

Optimize and manage your suppliers with a modern digital channel.

Custom Portals
& Web Applications

With our end-to-end services, build a custom solution for any audience.

Case Study: Top Industrial Equipment Company

B2B Commerce Solution

Base22 worked with a top industrial equipment company to create a new portal design for their Dealer Portal. Through a Mobile-First approach, we improved user management and administration that solved the inherent complexities of a global consortium.

The new user experience improved the portal search capability and allowed for customized dealer dashboards. The successful solution had a global rollout and is now serving 9 distinctive brands through a network of 11,500+ dealers, in more than 170 countries, and communicates in 29 languages.

Our Digital Solutions are Tailored to Support Your Business Model & B2B Buyer Journey

The Uniqueness of DXP Portals: A Tailored Solution For Your Business Needs

Today, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their operations and deliver exceptional digital customer experience (DCX). One solution that has been gaining significant attention is Digital Experience Platforms (DXP). This robust modern software supports building and managing multiple portals, intranets, web applications, and websites from a single location. Specifically, DXP portals, or platform-based portals, offer a highly customized solution for businesses aiming to improve their online presence and digital experiences.
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