Digital Solutions for Restaurant Franchises

For a food service company, being digital goes beyond marketing efforts. With a robust digital solution your business can provide operational support for unit employees and franchisees, and create modern and effective ways to cater actionable content to both new and existing customers.


Effective system access and user roles management 

Manage access, roles, and permissions for franchisees, staff, and store management, including the appropriate corporate content and systems


Eliminate confusion & speed up productivity

Provide personalized role-based content depending on user attributes and store type. Make sure your teams has access to the right technical documentation, procedures, and manuals when they need it 


Make being an employee easier and fully self-service

Tie together all needed training, scheduling and communications that can make being an employee or manager easier and more satisfactory 


Create real-time KPI dashboards for local and regional management

Improve operational efficiency related to inventory, sales trends, waste, labor, and equipment through dashboards integrated into your existing systems that will support your decision-making process

Digital Solutions for Restaurant Franchises

Featured Work Examples

Franchisee Portal
Taco Bell

Improving reach and engagement with franchisee staff through a modern solution

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