The Importance of Digital Infrastructure and Integration Planning

Brick and mortar businesses must have a digital presence in the current marketplace. Consumers are using the Internet and mobile apps to purchase products and services in ever-increasing numbers.

With that in mind, big box retailers such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy have stepped up their digital game, and Amazon started as a completely digital business before moving into brick and mortar stores on a limited basis.

But if you don’t have a digital presence now, or you want to increase your technical capabilities within the digital economy, what do you do? We can guide you through digital transformation by helping to build your digital infrastructure and integration planning.

What Is Digital Infrastructure?

Digital infrastructure refers to the digital technologies that provide the foundation for an organization’s information technology and operations. Examples of digital infrastructure include:

  • Internet backbone, broadband
  • Mobile telecom and digital communication suites, including applications
  • Data centers and networks
  • Enterprise portals, platforms, systems, and software
  • Cloud services and software
  • Operational security, user identity and data encryption
  • APIs and integrations

What Is Integration Planning?

Integration planning occurs when all facets of the business (such as customer service, HR, IT, sales, management, etc) join together to review their current systems (including legacy and obsolete ones) and the data generated as part of their daily operations. Then, they define a path to connect their data, break silos of information and share their knowledge to become smarter. Integration planning can improve customer, employee, business partner, and overall stakeholder experiences.

Long-term integration planning ensures that every effort has an owner and goals to follow. By integrating systems and tools, a business can develop consistent service delivery models, create enhanced experiences and standardize its management processes.

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Why Is Digital Infrastructure Important to Your Business Overall?

We provide sustainable digital infrastructure and digital platform modernization in order to help your company become smarter and enable you to provide high quality experiences to keep up with customer demands and employee productivity. Consumers are increasingly hyper-connected and focused on using the latest technologies to conduct their personal business. If your company can’t keep up with consumer demand, there will be someone else who steps in to fill that gap.

We assist you in developing world-class best practices for your infrastructure, security servers and cloud-computing platforms. Once the plan is developed, we help you implement the latest in micro-services and lightweight API-led application interfaces to bring all of your infrastructures up to the latest in technology.

Even though Digital Transformation investments will keep growing for the next years—it is expected to reach 2.8 trillion USD by 2025—very few companies manage to get it right.

How Can Modernizing Digital Infrastructure and Integrating New Practices Deliver Value to Customers?

Modernizing your legacy systems with the latest technology, allowing it to connect and share its relevant data through responsive digital platforms and mobile apps, can create an improved user experience for your customers and employees. This allows you to increase engagement and market more effectively at every touchpoint of your company. Our approach to integration planning and your digital infrastructure will help you stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in technology innovation.

By creating a solid digital infrastructure and developing world-class integrated platforms connecting all your different departments and services, you will be able to market to new customers more effectively, provide a more productive and engaging employee experience, and provide excellent service to those partners and stakeholders who have been with you for a long time.

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