New Whitepaper: Building Modern Intranets on Liferay

There is a right-way and wrong-way to tackle remote working during our time of COVID-19. Video conferencing isn’t enough. Email is absolutely not enough. Time tracking is not enough. Shared calendars are not enough. Sometimes, unfortunately, screaming from within your organization isn’t enough.

You need a place where all your team members can collaborate. You need a place where you can share information, document changes, archive those video conferences, follow up on lost emails and create actionable notifications. 2020 has made clear that empowering your workforce through technology is more important than ever. Especially as businesses and organizations aim to continue growing.

With limited availability in sites and physical locations, having a close and secured online environment to work with your team is key to keep running your business. You need a Portal, and you need one now. Base22 is here to help you.

Working with us, your business or organization can create, enhance and/or improve your current intranet portals, increasing employee engagement, boosting productivity, and making your workforce more responsive than ever. To ensure this, we have partnered with industry leaders such as Liferay, recognized for their digital experience platforms solutions by authorities of the field like Gartner in the past 10 years.

What can an intranet do for your workforce? What are the key features of a modern intranet portal? How can you make sure your intranet is up to date, enjoying the most recent digital tools and characteristics, as well as security requirements? Liferay’s whitepaper “Building Modern Intranets on Liferay” can help you to solve and address some of these concerns and potential issues. Contact us to get the full whitepaper or to schedule a discussion.

Don’t just throw out your old Portal… build a better one with Base22.

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