Even though the holiday season is over, we have a gift for you in a new minor release of the Carbon LDP suite: v5.1.0 (the Workbench is actually now at version 5.1.1 because we had to patch it just after the release).

These are the highlight of the new version:


  • Improved cache for SPARQL queries
  • Security and stability improvements

Workbench (v5.1.1)

  • You can now delete multiple documents from the Document Explorer at the same time. Simply hold SHIFT while selecting documents to select multiple docs.
  • Reduced the time it took the workbench to start
  • Reduced the size of the workbench

JavaScript SDK

  • Multiple documents can now be retrieved at the same time (even if they are not children/members of the same document).
  • Properties can now be marked as required when querying documents.
  • The SDK now ships with ES5/ES2015 modules. This means that if you are using the SDK in projects running the latest ES5/ES2015 features, you’ll use a version of the SDK that doesn’t require polyfills and takes advantage of the native performance of JavaScript standard implementations.
  • Reduced the size of the SDK
  • Bugfixes


This post originally appeared on our product site: carbonldp.com.

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