Digital Consulting for Financial Services

Modernize IT infrastructure with digital consulting for banking, trading, and finance institutions.

Financial technology is revolutionizing the sector with Big Data, mobile payment solutions, and self-service platforms. Banks and financial institutions face challenges implementing and supporting IT initiatives with the level of user experience and dynamic communication channels they need.

Base22’s digital consulting for financial addresses the inherent challenges in implementing technology solutions. We understand the critical needs for user access, personalized dashboards, and mobile-first approaches, so we can help your firm build a tailored stack that supports the needs of your organization and customers.

The Base22 Approach to Digital Consulting in Finance

Agile results

Supported by our strategy and accelerators, see Digital Transformation results in months, not in years.

Embrace and extend

Avoid “rip-and-replace” of your legacy systems. Manage technologies as a complete ecosystem.

Expand your reach

Bring technology, productivity, and adoption to every business audience, including employees and partners.

Build portals, mobile applications, custom applications, and innovative projects with speed, security, and agility leveraging Base22’s innovative approach for banks, trading, and other financial institutions.

Self-Service Platform

A self-service digital platform offers a one-stop-shop for your business. Empower your audiences to manage their own personal data and transaction history, experience customized content, and find the most valuable tools and services for their needs.

Functionality and Productivity

Enable powerful functionalities to manage your content and resources, eliminate confusion, and enhance productivity. With our expertise in Information Architecture, we can help you leverage your assets and improve findability for your banking and finance resources.   

Custom Dashboards

Enhance user experience and deliver your brand’s value promise with personalized dashboards. Tailored to each segment of your business ecosystem’s audience, employees, users, partners, business units, and third parties have access to the resources they need to make effective decisions.  


Nurture an active mobile community with a mobile-first approach that transforms them into vibrant ecosystems that can make more informed decisions, communicate more effectively, and engage in a satisfactory digital experience.

Digital Finance Consulting: Challenges and Solutions

Digital innovation has massive potential in the financial services industry. There are many challenges, however, including:

Self-Service Solutions

Financial Services customers want self-service solutions to manage their own data, transactions, and services. Our approach to digital experience platforms allows each segment of your audience to find the tools and resources they need to have a more positive and satisfying digital experience.

Personalized Services

Users are seeking personalized services for banking, which includes financial institutions interacting with users at the right time on their preferred channel with solutions to their needs. Base22’s customized solutions offer tailored content that’s valuable to each audience in your ecosystem, as well as the tools and services that benefit them most.

Lack of Expertise

A largely traditional industry, the finance industry may lack the expertise in mobile or technology to provide the services users want most. Technology is only as valuable as its usability, and Base22 takes a Mobile-First approach that helps users communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and actively engage with your product.

Digital Consulting for Financial Services

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