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Modernization is “the act of embracing the characteristics of present and recent time; being contemporary”. The digital world is moving fast, business models are changing, new competitors are being born and customers are demanding experiences that are contemporary with other user experiences they encounter – especially those of companies who were born on the web. Contemporary enterprises need to adapt to becoming a responsive enterprise that evolves from being on the web to being part of it.

To be a modern enterprise, companies must create a digital ecosystem that supports:

  • Digitally available information - anytime and anyplace.
  • Connectivity with customers, suppliers, and employees.
  • Innovation in products, business, and operating models.
  • Automation of manual processes and activities.

Characteristics of Digital Experience Modernization:

  1. A user experience that responds to the customers, employees, and supply chain partners needs – anytime and anyplace.
  2. Access to all enterprise systems needed to support that users need.
  3. Using the Web ecosystem to deliver that experience using technologies born on or native to the Web.
  4. Providing control of the user experience and critical messaging in business users – separating the functions of business and IT.

IT enables the Business Executes

Becoming a Modern Digital Business

  • Create a flexible and open digital infrastructure.
  • Embrace web standards to encourage the effective exchange of information.
  • Find where the value of digital exists (Sales, marketing, operations, service).
  • Build digital skills.
  • Build plug and play enterprise systems constructed on modular components.
  • Reinvent and modernize the user experience.
  • Develop integrated end-to-end web-based digital processes across the company and with key partners, suppliers, and customers.
  • Build improved real-time decision-making using architectures based on advanced analytics.

Base22 specializes in developing solutions that enable organizations to digitally transform their business. Our methods and processes transform online user experience and engagement to increase productivity and create business efficiencies. We focus on web technologies to create online portals and websites to free companies from being tied to proprietary technologies.

We are in the business of connecting people with transformational digital technologies.

We help clients unlock their data and information and make it easy for employees, customers, and partners to connect to the business using web-based technologies. If you want to learn more about modernization with Base22, please contact us here.

Right now, we are offering Free UX Evaluations to companies interested in modernization. We believe the internet should be a more useful place. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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