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Request a free UX assessment with one of our consultants today to drive business growth with your customers or productivity with your employees. Leverage our 15+ years of experience in Digital Transformation and digital brand experience. 

What do you get

A User Experience (UX) Health Check will give you insight and direction for modernizing your organization's digital experiences 

A kick-off call with a consultant

Our consultants will schedule a kick-off call with you to understand better your business context and your current technology.

A UX Health Check for a digital asset

Our consultants will review one of your portals, applications, or mobile apps to identify opportunities, pain points, and potential.

Recommendations for improvement

Our report will include results of a heuristic audit, 5 behavior indicators, and a list of recommendations for your digital asset.

Priority map for business growth

Leverage over 15 years of digital consulting experience with a priority map that can help you to gain clarity in your Digital Transformation journey.

Request your UX Health Check now—no cost. 

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    UX Health Check Benefits

    • Understand the health status of your portal, application, or mobile app’s user experience 
    • Know where to start with UX/UI design improvement efforts
    • Gain clarity for your technology priorities and next steps 
    • Discover opportunities and pain points for your digital brand experience
    • Understand new approaches and tactics for modern digital experiences
    • Leverage over 15 years of digital consulting for business growth
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    About Base22

    We are an award-winning digital consulting firm that supports organizations of all sizes in their Digital Transformation journey. From customer portals connecting millions to B2B digital solutions for thousands of employees, our approach ensures success and growth.

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    Why Choosing Base22's Free UX Health Check

    A Health Check Supports Continuous Improvement

    Portals, applications, and mobile applications need improvement and adjustments with time. Like any other digital asset and channel, it is important to make sure you understand your business audiences’ needs and user journeys. A Free UX Health Check can give your organization insight into where to start improving your digital brand experience.

    Balance Business Priorities & Should-Haves

    While most organizations currently own IT teams, many of them are usually focused on operations and critical tasks. Having a UI/UX design partner like Base22 to support you with a free user experience assessment helps drive business growth without risking business continuity.

    Leveraging Our Expertise and Knowledge

    As a digital consulting firm, Base22 has over 15 years of experience in cross-industry Digital Transformation projects. Our knowledge and insight can help you find new ways to connect and drive productivity or revenue with your audiences through your business portals, mobile apps, or applications. 

    How UX can help you with your business’s reputation

    Many companies use UI/UX design in websites, portals, mobile apps, and applications to convey brand positioning and value. However, the impact of UI/UX design not only involves how a brand is perceived. UI/UX is critical in Digital Transformation because it ensures that digital processes are mature and your users can get what they want in your digital channels. With a higher maturity level in UX, your users will enjoy a more intuitive, easy-to-use, and effective digital experience. 

    Often, it is said that UX allows you to minimize risk with your business reputation. The truth is that UX is a key component to ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering a modern digital brand experience. If your digital brand experience is good, your users will have a better, positive value associated with your brands. What puts your business’s reputation at risk is having a fragmented or disjointed experience: when a user manages multiple channels or touchpoints, but they all feel different and reflect unaligned values or meaning. 

    Requesting a Free UX Health Check is a great place to start to understand some of the risks and impact of your current UI/UX design, as well as an overview of your level of UI/UX maturity. After this Health Check, we strongly recommend executing an in-depth UI/UX consulting engagement to evaluate how your websites, portals, mobile apps, and applications are performing and create a redesign strategy that allows your company to grow and scale. 

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