Improve Business Performance and Operational Agility with BPM and Dell Boomi

Companies are destined to change: changes in the market situations, changes in opportunities, changes in supply and demand, and hundreds of other changes. In order to be able to offer a quick response to changes in demand, an organization needs to be agile and keep its performance adaptive and finely tuned according to its specific goals. Information Technology is a key factor in supporting these goals.

What is BPM?

BPM (Business Process Management) is a methodology that includes the use of IT mechanisms to allow people to administer, configure, analyze and coordinate actions (or processes) between different organizations or departments in an organization related under a supply chain. BPM tools integrate a BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) editor to simplify the process modeling. These tools also frequently include an orchestrator engine to allow IT systems to automatically handle communication between entities or processes. In this way, process designers gain a deep understanding of the business process, being able to keep the business performance aligned with goals and ready to quickly react when facing change. This efficiency is a major benefit to stakeholders in all business silos and should not be overlooked.

How does BPM integrate with Dell Boomi?

Modern organizations can benefit from an environment that integrates the benefits of high-level modeling business processes, with a way to develop the interacting pieces without worrying about the implementation details. A BPM tool can be integrated with an Integration Platform tool. In this sense, Dell Boomi fits in by developing and implementing the inner layers of the service, providing and exposing the needed data, and triggering the translations and operations when communication is orchestrated. This relationship applied inside a company is described in the following illustration, however, any component could just as easily be a different organization:

Where can I get assistance?

Dell Boomi has already foreseen the importance of this integration. On March 16, 2017, Dell Boomi acquired a new addition to the integration platform called ManyWho. With the acquisition of this business process modeling and workflow automation tool, they target to “unlock the ability for businesses to maximize best-of-breed cloud applications, driving efficiency, increasing time to value and building a competitive advantage…”. Together, the platforms aim to “allow businesses to connect, manage data changes, ensure data quality and re-establish efficient business processes across the companies’ IT landscape”.

Here at Base22 we are aware of company needs and are able to help the companies to get the best platform integration, in order to facilitate the business analysis, integration, and development of the processes that will need to be exposed so that the BPM orchestration enables the described interaction among the different participants of a supply chain.

For more information on how Base22 can help on the process to align your business and IT by building the interacting mechanisms on the process orchestration contact us here.

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