Digital and Technology Services

Our approach uses world-class technology, our in-house accelerators, and our expert knowledge applied as patterns and blueprints for specific industries and market challenges to significantly reduce time-to-market..


Employee Portals & Intranets

That improve employee efficiency

Giving self-service across a complex organization is a matter of survival. Employees are in a tie with customers as a #1 priority. Meeting their expectations is difficult with the best-of-breed solutions used to satisfy employee journey needs such as recruit, onboard, learn, and perform. Base22 provides a horizontal employee experience that provides the personalized self-service that employees expect in all their digital interactions while leveraging and making sense of the hundreds of user interfaces, workflows, and content sources.

Enterprise Portals

That integrate Legacy and ERP systems to support self-service

Our enterprise portals create a tailored digital user experience for external audiences such as customers, suppliers, and dealers. They connect external users to internal company systems and data to allow them to complete processes digitally. When done right, enterprise portals present ERP systems in a manner suited for an occasional user to support self-service and mobile access decoupled from the source systems. When multiple systems are required to complete a user process, our enterprise portals will present a seamless experience.

E-Commerce Sites

To effectively serve your customer

E-Commerce sites have to be more than a shopping cart – they should leverage all available content and systems to provide an easy path to purchase including educating, comparing and suggesting maximizing your revenue. At Base22, we believe in building user centered E-commerce websites that prioritize the needs and desires of the end-user while providing a connected customer journey that masks the complexity of different underlying systems.

Marketing Sites

That manage customer engagement

We believe a good marketing site exists with the purpose and focus of building a strong and long-lasting relationship with the core audience. That means that the site has to move seamlessly from intelligent, personalized attract functions to engage functions which support the buying process with a connected customer journey leveraging, but masking the underlying systems.

Mobile Applications

For Transforming user engagement

While we build all of our web applications with a mobile first design construct, sometimes a mobile application is needed to support functions requiring localized activities such as data collection, workflow and notifications. Our mobile applications extend our focus on great design and user experience to the mobile world supporting field service, retail selling and store management activities to name a few.

Support and Grow

To maintain and extend

We provide ongoing support for your new digital presence and processes to enable your IT staff to focus on other strategic initiatives. We will keep the environment up to date and operating efficiently with a customized support program. We will continuously work with business users to improve the digital presence with counsel and services ranging from SEO best practices to extending the platform by adding new system integrations and processes.

Cloud Migration and Cloud Technologies

We provide advisory services to evaluate what and when to migrate to the Cloud during the Digital Transformation journey. We will evaluate the best application deployment scenarios to optimize existing and new cloud-based environments. Most often, hybrid Cloud environments result in a phased approach which allows for the evaluation of application modernization. Putting digital front-end platforms in the cloud supports providing access to legacy applications in place without short-term disruption to those applications. The concept of containerization allows for the isolation of an existing application while enhancements are made through adopting a microservices architecture.

Application Modernization

Application modernization services address the migration of legacy to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to the business. Modernization options we will evaluate include, in order of increasing benefits achieved, re-hosting, re-platforming and rearchitecting.

Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs

Barriers to Digital Transformation are often data related – that is a lack of integration, consistency, and trustworthiness of enterprise structured and unstructured data. AI offers a potential solution but even AI is hampered without an accurate data model. Knowledge graphs offer a foundation for AI by establishing a singular data model, analyzing metadata relationships between objects and finding patterns in those relationships. Base22 leverages knowledge graphs built on a semantic graph database to write applications that access that singular data model, thereby optimizing business processes or delivering a hyper-personalized experience to a customer. Further, Base22 can use knowledge graphs as input to machine learning models to more readily train the models to offer more complete insight and predictions.

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