Case Study

From zero to user-centric – Tinker Federal Credit Union Portal

Tinker Federal Credit Union (TFCU) is the largest credit union in Oklahoma, with over 332,000 members and more than $3.5 billion in assets. The TFCU professional development team partnered with Base22 to redesign their employee portal experience. Having selected IBM’s Digital Experience platform, TFCU management wanted to ensure their new employee web experience delivered on the promise of an information channel that would help employees improve their service to TFCU Members. The TFCU team was convinced that the Base22 Employee Portal Blueprint was the right approach. They knew the Base22 Blueprint included proven information architecture, a rich set of design assets, and implementation patterns that would deliver an exceptional employee experience.

TFCU management had specific business drivers in mind for their new employee portal:

  • Establish a single source of truth – ensure regulations, policies, and procedures are current.
  • Make it easy to find and surface relevant information to serve customer requests.
  • Provide up-to-date product information to customer-facing staff.
  • Integrate and present business applications personalized to the user role.
  • Facilitate collaboration within and across departments.
  • Make it easy for the business (not IT) to maintain content.
  • Reduce duplication of information.
  • Provide personalized news and announcements.
  • Ensure the content and services are available on any device, anytime from anywhere.
  • Create a modern employee experience that engages the workforce.
  • Support continuous training.

Following the release of the new myTFCU solution, Tinker management and staff had this to say:

“We now focus on communicating information in the way employees want to receive it rather than on what’s convenient for us in getting it out to them.”  — Renee Jones, Assistant. Manager of Professional Development.

“It’s amazing that we could go from ground zero to a user-centric portal in such a short time.”  — Chris Henkel, Vice President of Professional Development.

“Having all information regarding a single topic in one centralized location lowers the research time and allows me to provide a hassle-free member experience.”  — TFCU employee

The TFCU team along with Base22 are continuing to enhance the myTFCU employee portal with the focus now on integrating a seamless social and collaboration experience using IBM Connections.

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