Consolidated Employee Portal

Consolidation of multiple intranets into one, intuitive, integral portal


Bunge is a company with a presence in more than 40 countries with different lines of business such as agribusiness, food ingredients, fuel, and fertilizer with more than 32,000 employees. The main challenge for Bunge was the limitations its employee portal had to publish content in different languages. In addition, the lack of standardization of their content pieces created a different experience for the users depending on the language and region. Because the company has unique brand needs, categories, applications, and available technologies, it used 13 different employee intranets to maintain autonomy. 


The Base22 team delivered an end-to-end project for the Bunge Global Employee Portal in 4 phases for its main regions, including the migration of their content, legacy applications and assets, business analysis, design services, development of new functionalities, and language support according to the region. This corporate non-transactional portal integrated the previous 13 intranets into a single solution to enable multilingual capabilities. Leveraging the Base22 Portal Blueprint, Base22 led the redesign process from the beginning, coordinating a global team that defined the requirements and technical specifications of the different technical products that made up these regions. As part of the project, Base22 provided onsite and remote trainings for over 150 authors in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Geneva, Germany, Mexico, and USA, as well as adoptions campaigns. The project was successful on many levels and was recognized in the Bunge Annual Innovation Awards. 


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