Nuevo Amanecer Institute

Online Donation Platform

An e-commerce solution to drive online donations


Nuevo Amanecer Institute (INA) is a philanthropic non-profit organization based in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León, México. Nuevo Amanecer Institute has been providing for more than 40 years medical services, special education, and human development to kids and teenagers with cerebral palsy. Facing the challenges of in-person events restrictions with the Covid-19 pandemic, Nuevo Amanecer needed to build and deploy an online platform to drive donations.  


Base22 offered full-spectrum design and development services for Nuevo Amanecer Institute, starting with the branding creation for the “Voy x Todo” Initiative – which means “I want it all” in plain English. From offline assets to the digital presence, Base22 worked with the Nuevo Amanecer team to create a new digital experience, and implemented a multiplatform system with e-Commerce functionalities. This platform enabled the Nuevo Amanecer team to offer and manage activities such as auctions and raffles, to the regular sale of art objects, sculptures, paintings, and more. 

The solution is a groundbreaking platform for online donations for NGOs nationwide.


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