Digital Platform Consulting

We are portals and digital platform experts. Our expertise and accelerators support organizations and companies of all sizes with strategy, design, and implementation services for platform-based solutions. We focus on tailoring technology to target business outcomes, such as driving growth, boosting sales, improving customer experience, or increasing productivity.

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, companies must embrace a Digital-First approach to stay competitive and meet the ever-increasing expectations of customers. Digital-First companies prioritize digital processes, technologies, and experiences to deliver exceptional customer value and achieve sustainable growth. One of the critical enablers of Digital-First transformation is the adoption of digital platforms.

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) are robust software with enterprise-level security that enable companies and organizations to build portals, websites, mobile apps, and web applications from a single solution. They are built for growth, productivity, and scalability, with integration and Cloud capabilities. We have partnered with the top leaders in the category to ensure the delivery of world-class solutions through our digital platform consulting and end-to-end services.

Unlike other enterprise software, Digital Experience Platforms are flexible and support tailoring. When coupled with  Base22’s business consulting capabilities, the result is tailored platform-based solutions that cater to your audiences’ needs, support your business model, and meet complex technology requirements.

Digital Platform Consulting Benefits


Manage Multiple Solutions from One Platform

Digital platforms enable organizations to build and manage portals, mobile apps, and web applications. Manage layouts, templates, widgets, interactive forms, and reusable components, while delivering a consistent experience to your audiences.


Build an Effective Digital Platform Strategy

With digital platforms, knowing where to start is critical. Growing organizations have complex digital ecosystems or digital infrastructure that requires experience, clarity, and technical knowledge to ensure business continuity and avoid costly pitfalls.


Integrate Data and Systems for Better Decision-Making

Digital platforms are great integrators. Connect our existing ERPs, CRMs, PIMs, and e-Commerce platforms and leverage their data and information through automated processes and useful dashboards for customers, employees, business partners, and suppliers.


Leverage your Platform to Transform with Agility

Our digital platform accelerators and tools allow us to deliver digital projects with up to 40% reduction in time to market. With our portal and digital platform expertise, your organization can gain agility while avoiding costly pitfalls.

Digital Platform Consulting

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Digital Platform Strategy & Consulting: Critical Tasks

As organizations increasingly rely on digital platforms for their operations, strategic planning, consulting, and implementation are key to ensuring a successful digital transformation. Here are some critical tasks related to digital platform consulting and their role in building an effective strategy.

Defining Business Outcomes

A digital platform should align with your organization’s broader business objectives. Aligning the digital platform strategy with the business outcomes ensures the platform is an enabler for achieving these goals. The first step in defining business outcomes is ensuring alignment between your digital platform strategy and your overall business strategy with digital platform consulting. This includes aligning the platform’s functionality, design, and user experience with your business objectives. Defining measurable KPIs is another critical step. These indicators help measure the effectiveness of the platform-based solution once it has been implemented.

Identifying Digital Platform Risks and Challenges

Implementing a digital platform comes with its share of risks and challenges. Identifying these potential pitfalls ahead of time can help your organization devise strategies to mitigate them. Technical challenges can range from integration issues with existing systems to scalability concerns. Working with a digital platform consulting firm can help address these technical challenges and ensure a seamless implementation process. Another important consideration is change management. Implementing a new digital platform often requires significant changes in processes and workflows. Managing this change effectively is crucial to drive smooth adoption, minimize resistance from users, and ensure a true business transformation.

Selecting an Experienced Digital Platform Consulting Partner

Choosing the right digital platform consulting partner is a critical task that can significantly impact the success of your digital transformation journey. Base22 has over 15 years of digital platform consulting experience, including long-term relationships with global brands and projects. We can help you build a digital platform strategy that aligns with your business goals and provides solutions that address your unique challenges. As digital platform consultants, we can provide advisory, design, implementation, and maintenance services. We have deep knowledge of Digital Experience Platforms and can guide you on the best ways to leverage their capabilities to achieve your business outcomes.

Choosing the Right Digital Platform

Choosing the right digital platform is crucial in your digital platform strategy. There is a vast digital platform offering, from on-premise platforms to Self-Managed Cloud options. The right digital platform should align with your business needs and goals. It should support your business processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. With the help of an experienced digital platform consulting partner, you can evaluate and choose a scalable digital platform that is flexible enough to accommodate your business growth, current technical capabilities, and changes in business needs. As part of the strategy stage, you should evaluate the acquisition or subscription costs and the return on investment (ROI) the platform can deliver in terms of improved efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

Tailoring Your Digital Platform to Your Business Model

Digital platform consulting firms can provide valuable insights and expertise to help tailor your digital platform to your business model. Base22’s digital platform consultants can conduct a thorough analysis of your business needs to understand the specific requirements of your digital platform, such as business processes, workflows, and user needs. Based on the analysis, our digital platform consultants can help customize your digital platform to align with your business model perfectly. This includes customizing the platform’s features, functionality, and user interface to meet your needs.

Adjusting Your Technology Roadmap

Your technology roadmap outlines the technological investments and initiatives your organization plans to undertake. Building or adjusting this roadmap is critical as you implement a new digital platform. Your digital platform will likely need to integrate with existing systems and technologies. Planning for these integrations ahead of time can help avoid disruptions and ensure a smooth transition.

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