Tablet Point of Sale for Retail

Enabling retail salespersons to deliver a better customer experience through a redesign tablet POS


Coppel is the largest department store in Latin America, with over 500,000 employees across multiple countries. The company was seeking to improve the overall experience in its physical stores. Among their challenges was to make transactions smoother and help store salespersons to engage with the clients visiting the store through a redesign of their tablet POS. 


The Base22 team redesigned their tablet, focusing on the experience and usability by improving user flows and bringing new design patterns in order to give order and clarity to the user. As part of the engagement, Base22 provided a technical solution for the application (tablet), with validation of requirements for a Microsoft environment, using UWP patterns. Base22 also carried out a simplification of sales processes, and consultancy for the development and implementation of the design.


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