The heart of any system is data. Everything in a enterprise is data - from the employee number of a new hire, to the material number used to produce a final product, to the account where you will receive your salary. Data is everywhere and is essential for a business to function. Data is information that has been transformed to be understood and processed by computers. Throughout the years the way in which we translate information as data has evolved, thus leading us to a new standard called Linked data. Linked data allows you to build data models that are flexible and capable of adapting to changes on real life information. It does not follow rigid table structures, instead it is able to treat data as independent elements that can be related to each other. This is accomplished using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) which allows for better translation of human information to data used by computers, while also providing context for the data.

Our Solution - Carbon LDP

Carbon LDP is a linked data platform for building web apps that manage and link data within your enterprise and across the WWW. Imagine an enterprise of linked data – complete, integrated access to all data across your organization. The attributes within documents (like names, dates, product descriptions, part numbers) can be queried, analyzed, and related computationally. Data can be shared and reused across application, enterprise and community boundaries, using traditional HTTP operations – making managing data as easy as managing content.

In his 2009 TED talk, Tim Berners-Lee (a.k.a. The Father of the Web) put forth a challenge: "It's called Linked Data. I want you to make it. I want you to demand it." We took that challenge to heart. We built an innovation platform called Carbon LDP. It uses Resource Description Framework (RDF) to let computers do what humans can do – follow links in any direction through webs of data. We added layers of features and functionality, including security, time-saving visualization tools, JavaScript/TypeScript Software Developer’s Kit, LDAP support, and Docker containers – features that make the semantic web developer-friendly and easy to use. Carbon LDP radically expands your possibilities for innovation. To learn more about Carbon LDP please reach out to us here, of if you want to visit the Carbon LDP website, you can find it here.

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