Execution of Digital Transformation

Base22 provides Web Portals and Mobile Application solutions to execute Digital Transformations. These portals and applications offer:

  • Low code prebuilt solutions for faster deployment
  • Intelligent Dashboards with Personalized and Contextual User Experiences
  • Mature governance and change management processes to accelerate adoption

What shape do these portals and applications typically take on? Check out the solutions below to get a quick preview. When you’re ready to learn more, drop us a note.

Change Management

Accelerating and assuring continuous adoption

The focus of our change management method, the Catalyst Framework, is on organizational adoption to sustain a technology initiative for the future. We help companies and businesses think digital first. We link desired outcomes to the audience user needs and required business processes to help the organization understand their meaning and importance. Then we create a technology framework that consists of a set of reusable tools and is delivered as a set of services for the organization to consume and use in a more practical way. These “catalysts”, both software and processes, are used to deliver mini solutions and pilots that demonstrate immediate improvements and possibilities to entice organizational adoption.


That improve employee efficiency

At Base22, we build enterprise intranets that collect and organize information and make it accessible and useful to employees and employers. Information architecture is how we do that. It is a set of principles and patterns that define how information is organized and which keep it all organized as the intranet grows. Intranets thrive on information. We have a long history of unlocking information for our clients. Information should be available anytime, on demand, and everywhere you and your employees are.

Marketing Sites

That manage customer engagement

We believe a good marketing site exists with the purpose and focus of building a strong and long-lasting relationship with the core audience. The process behind this revolves around design thinking, information architecture, and quality content. We take this approach to every marketing site that we invest time in. Like all of our projects, marketing sites are born out of an effective planning stage.

E-Commerce Sites

To effectively serve your customer

Effective e-commerce sites begin with a cohesive plan and strategy. At Base22, we believe in building user centered e-commerce websites that prioritize the needs and desires of the end user. No matter the product or service being sold, with a solid information architecture and user focused design, you can rest easy knowing that your customers have an easy path to purchase. Let us help you remove the roadblocks for your customers.

Mobile Applications

For Transforming user engagement

Users expect their experience on a mobile device to be just as good as the one on their laptop. We believe their experiences should be a seamless no matter where they are. In addition to our experience building web applications, Base22 has worked with a number of major companies to extend our focus of great design and user experience to the mobile world. Our technical staff possesses the skills and experience to execute on the best approach that makes the most sense for your specific requirements.

Enterprise Self-Service Portals

That integrate Legacy and ERP systems

Our enterprise portals create a tailored digital user experience for external audiences such as customers, suppliers, and dealers. They connect external users to internal company systems and data to allow them to complete processes digitally. When done right, enterprise portals present ERP systems in a manner suited for an occasional user to support self-service and mobile access decoupled from the source systems. When multiple systems are required to complete a user process, our enterprise portals will present a seamless experience.

Support and Grow

To maintain and extend

We provide ongoing support for your new digital presence and processes to enable your IT staff to focus on other strategic initiatives. We will keep the environment up to date and operating efficiently with a customized support program. We will continuously work with business users to improve the digital presence with counsel and services ranging from SEO best practices to extending the platform by adding new system integrations and processes.

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