Ken Rokicki
Ken Rokicki
Sr. Solutions Architect

Ken Rokicki is an accomplished architect, designer, developer and trainer with extensive experience in IBM WebSphere and WebSphere Portal. His background includes over ten years of experience with WebSphere Portal, and over 15 years with WebSphere Application Server. Ken has been certified as a WebSphere Developer and Administrator since version 3.0 and as a WebSphere Portal Developer and Administrator since version 4.

Ken’s years of experience in the business world enable him to speak with equal ease to “C level” executives, business unit managers and users, and technical staff. He has the proven ability to take the unique needs of the business and translate them into Web application reality, while at the same time addressing the security needs of the organization and the performance requirements of hand held devices.

Ken also has extensive experience in defining development architectures with Rational Application Developer and Web Experience Factory, developing deployment strategies for Portal installations and migrations, and identifying performance problems and solutions for clients. He has developed course architecture and materials for IBM’s WebSphere Portal courseware that is still in use today. He developed new courses for both Administration and Development that follow best practices.

Project Experience

Insurance Holding Company – Solution Architect

  • Reviewed and enhanced infrastructure architecture plan
  • Created development best practices guidelines
  • Worked with architecture team lead to install and configure Dev, Test and Authoring environments

Major Medical Insurance Provider – Solution Architect

  • Created architectural decision documents for customer
  • Defined WCM content syndication patterns
  • Defined overall portal architecture
  • Evaluated enterprise search products and created architectural decision and implementation documents
  • Helped resolve portlet/search related issues
  • Created development guidelines for portlet development

Electric Power Cooperative – Solution Architect

  • Performed Portal / WCM health check
  • Developed infrastructure documentation for existing infrastructure
  • Resolved existing WCM content issues

University Research Facility – Solution Architect

  • Defined requirements for Portal 6.1 to Portal 8 upgrade
  • Defined requirements for Connections 4 to Connections 5 upgrade
  • Worked with customer team to define the process and timeline for the upgrades
  • Redesigned the portal theme to a mobile friendly modular layout
  • Updated the WCM display approach to more readily adapt to responsive display

Major Medical Insurance Provider – Solution Architect

  • Analyzed content related issues and designed effective solutions
  • Designed and delivered workshops on effective WCM design and problem resolution
  • Developed architectural recommendations document for ongoing development process

Major Medical Prosthetics Supplier – Solution Architect

  • Joined the project at a critical juncture at a time when key personnel were unavailable to the project
  • Coordinated teams during final two iteration demos
  • Presented demos to project sponsors
  • Kept defect resolution on track and on schedule

Major International Truck Manufacturer – Solution Architect

  • Created architectural design for application rewrite from Microsoft VB/C++ to WebSphere Portal 8 and SOAP based Web Services
  • Provided technical leadership for the team in all areas – design, development, review, performance testing and troubleshooting
  • Guided the client in adoption of best practices for Portal development and Web Services development
  • Led the client infrastructure team through the configuration and deployment processes for WebSphere Portal 8 in development, QA and production environments
  • Defined tasks for onshore and offshore team components
  • Provided technical guidance for onshore and offshore teams
  • Performed code reviews for compliance with the application design and best practices
  • Developed code as necessary to support the team
  • Assumed scrum master role for technical aspects of the project
  • Led the client through user acceptance testing at the conclusion of each iteration
  • Acted as liaison between the technical team and the business unit testing team to identify root causes of problems and potential solutions
  • Coordinated the performance testing efforts between the offshore testing team and multiple client infrastructure teams to ensure performance goals
  • Assisted the client with resolution of infrastructure issues in their initial Portal deployments

Major US Motorcycle Manufacturer – Portal Architect

  • Designed and developed custom search Portlet to work with OmniFind 9.1
  • Developed a custom crawler plugin to render necessary metadata from OmniFind
  • Assisted with pre-production validation and testing
  • Performed troubleshooting activities to clear up post-production issues

Major Soft Drink and Snack Producer – Portal Architect: Connections Integration

  • Joined an existing development team mid-sprint to fill in for a departing team-member
  • Developed Connections feed consumers for activities
  • Performed troubleshooting on vCard related issues
  • Performed code reviews
  • Performed risk assessment and implemented mitigation techniques during production deployment

Major Soft Drink and Snack Producer – Portal Architect: Infrastructure Designer

  • Implemented high-availability portal clusters for test, quality assurance and production environments
  • Deployed Mobile Portal Accelerator to all environments
  • Developed installation and configuration guides for all environments
  • Developed functional test cases for Portal, Quickr, OmniFind, Mobile Portal Accelerator and IBM Forms environments
  • Developed customer signoff documents for functional test cases
  • Assisted with portal tuning to meet customer SLA requirements
  • Performed environmental troubleshooting with performance and security related issues
  • Performed customer environment turnover activities for Portal environments

Major US Motorcycle Manufacturer – Portal Architect

  • Designed re-platform project from third party portal and content management to WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 and WCM
  • Created Agile stories and tasks
  • Estimated task development efforts
  • Led development efforts during multiple sprints
  • Implemented creative techniques to deliver targeted content to users
  • Developed techniques to secure file system content through WCM
  • Assisted with pre-production tuning

Major US Insurance Company Affiliate – Portal Architect

  • Developed Proof of Concept designs and code for access to and update of Tivoli Directory Server user attributes.
  • Developed Proof of Concept designs and code for a Single Sign-On environment with external vendors using SAML and Trust Association Interceptors.
  • Integrated Lotus Forms with the client’s forms request system.
  • Advised client on deployment strategies.
  • Managed vendor software support activities for the client.
  • Supported the client’s production deployment activities

Insurance Company – Portal Architect

  • Designed deployment architecture for an insurance company beginning a portal development and deployment.
  • This included evaluating their current configuration plan and making changes prior to implementation.
  • Advised the client on their portal security architecture as part of their SiteMinder Single Sign On environment.
  • Designed a deployment strategy for portal artifacts to dovetail with their existing J2EE deployment strategy.
  • Created deployment scripts and oversaw deployment between their desktop development environment, development environment, and staging environments.

Healthcare Products Company – Application Architect

The client asked for a quick efficiency study on their current applications.

  • Evaluated portal performance results and delivered performance enhancement recommendations.
  • This included evaluating test results, evaluating JSF coding samples for efficiency, and evaluating Web Services calls for efficiency.
  • Made recommendations on JSF coding techniques to substantially reduce the generation of objects during rendering.
  • Designed a coding technique for the client’s themes and skins to allow their performance monitoring software to more accurately track requests for specific pages and portlets.

Insurance Company – Portal Architect/Team Lead

  • Architected and acted as team lead on a WebSphere Portal 5.1 to 6.1 migration.
  • This included defining the migration plan, identifying problem areas and dependencies, inventorying portal artifacts, redesigning the portal staging environment, and migrating resources from the 5.1 to the 6.1 environment.

Major US Insurance Company Affiliate – Portal Architect

  • Re-architected a Portal application to use Portal services to eliminate excessive use of session data.
  • This resulted in improved usage of resources as well as increases in performance for the customer.

International Advertising Company – Application Architect

  • Designed the Portal Dashboard architecture for the finance activity of an international advertising company based in Madrid, Spain.

Insurance Company – Application Architect

Configured a clustered test/staging/production environment.

  • Developed the application designs and assisted the client in the initial implementations of their COBOL/Web Services applications in WebSphere Portal using Portlet Factory.


Ten+ years IBM WebSphere Portal and WCM (versions 4 – 8.5)

  • Design and development.
  • Development mentoring.
  • Theme design, development and deployment
  • Installation, configuration, and administration.
  • Integration strategies.
  • Deployment strategies.
  • Deployment architectures.

Ten+ years IBM WebSphere (versions 3 – 8.5)

  • Design and development.
  • Development mentoring.
  • Installation, configuration, and administration.
  • Integration strategies.
  • Deployment strategies.
  • Deployment architectures.

Ten+ years IBM Lotus Notes and Domino (versions 3 – 8)

  • Design and development.
  • Development mentoring.
  • Installation, configuration, and administration.
  • Deployment strategies.
  • Deployment architectures.

IBM DB2 (versions 5 – 10)

  • Installation.
  • Development; primarily for use with IBM WebSphere and WebSphere Portal products.

IBM Tivoli Directory Server (versions 5.0, 6.0)

  • Installation and configuration.
  • Integration with WebSphere and WebSphere Portal.

IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory and Web Experience Factory (versions 5.12, 6.0, 6.1)

  • Design and development.
  • Development mentoring.
  • Application architecture

IBM OmniFind and Watson Content Analytics Enterprise Search (versions 8.0, 8.5, 9.1, 3.5)

  • Design and development
  • Application architecture
  • Search environment infrastructure

Security Integration

  • Integration of Tivoli Access Manager and WebSphere Portal.
  • Integration of CA SiteMinder and WebSphere Portal.

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP, 2000, 2003 Server, 2008 Server and Windows 7
  • AIX.
  • Linux: Centos, Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu.

Professional Certifications

  • IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere Portal.
  • IBM Certified Solution Developer — WebSphere Portal.
  • IBM Certified Systems Expert – Administration for IBM WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Edition.
  • IBM Certified Specialist – IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer.
  • IBM Certified Specialist — IBM WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition.
  • IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere Application Server.
  • IBM Certified WebSphere Instructor – WebSphere and WebSphere Portal.
  • IBM Certified Advanced Instructor – WebSphere and WebSphere Portal.
  • Certified Lotus Advanced Instructor.

Presentations, Seminars & Publications

Two-day Seminar – Seminar Instructor/Developer

  • Commissioned by IBM to develop and instruct a two-day seminar.
  • Developed techniques and seminar for integrating Domino and WebSphere.
  • Presented to IBM Business Partners in six cities in the United States, six cities in Europe, six cities in South America, and six cities in Asia Pacific.
  • Received the IBM/Lotus Beacon Award for Distinguished Achievement North America in 2001 for the efforts extended in this project.

Sphere Journal – Technical Editor, Editorial Adviser and Contributor

  • Technical editor, editorial adviser and contributor for the Sphere Journal – a WebSphere and Portal oriented journal published six times annually.
  • Published topics include: Creating Portal themes with RAD6 tools, Securing Portal 5.1 Servers, and Practical Best Practices Oriented Portlet Development with WebSphere Portlet Factory.


  • IBM Exceptional Digital Experience Conference presentations – 2011, 2012, 2015
  • Atech Exchange – Overcoming Your WebSphere and Portal Insecurities
  • Atech Exchange – A Single Story is Worth a Thousand Pages of Design Document
  • WebSphere Portal Developers Seminar – 2004, 2005 and 2006.
  • Domino Developers Seminar: WebSphere Portal Track 2005 and 2006.
  • WebSphere Advisor Developers Conference – 2001, 2002, 2003.
  • Detroit WebSphere User Group and Detroit Lotus Domino User Group.
  • Lotus Education Hands-On Lab – Lotusphere 1999-2003.

Sphere Journal – Technical Editor, Editorial Adviser and Contributor

  • Creating Portal themes with RAD6 tools, Sphere Journal.
  • Securing Portal 5.1 Servers, Sphere Journal.
  • Practical Best Practices Oriented Portlet Development with WebSphere Portlet Factory, Sphere Journal.

Courseware Developed

  • WP611 IBM WebSphere Portal v6.1 Application Development 1.
  • WP621 IBM WebSphere Portal v6.1 Application Development 2.
  • WP711 IBM WebSphere Portal v6.1 System Administration 1.
  • WP721 IBM WebSphere Portal v6.1 System Administration 2.
  • WP710 WebSphere Portal 6.0 Administration.
  • WP600 Creating Custom Portlets using Lotus Collaborative Components.
  • ND650 Integrating IBM Lotus Domino with the J2EE Platform.
  • ND610 Developing Dynamic Web Applications with IBM Lotus Domino 6.
  • AD600 Extending Domino Applications with WebSphere 3.5.
  • AD500 Using JavaScript with Domino Applications.
  • AD270 Domino Application Architecture.


  • B.S. Computer Science, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.