Dale Ewald
Dale Ewald
Solutions Architect

Dale has over 18 years of experience in Information Technology. He has broad skills in several IBM technologies and open-source frameworks. He has been the architect and development lead on several large, mission critical applications that are still in production and providing process improvement, revenue generation, and jobs for end-users. He has strong communication skills and is valued as a consultant that can help make abstract concepts concrete for clients, such that the client is able to contribute and support a technology implementation at a project’s completion.

Project Experience

Technology Solution Provider – Sr. Architect

  • Solution Architect and SME for a Mortgage Lender. Tasked with migrating very dated – yet very important – websites and business applications from single-channel solutions to multi-channel solutions. The new solution leverages IBM WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager v8+ to provide device responsive and device adaptive solutions. The solution provides the Mortgage Lender a managed lifecycle for incremental site changes; the solution eliminated or at least reduced the need for custom ‘programming’ in all areas yet increases the ability to create dynamic solution capabilities through UI frameworks.
  • Solution Architect for a design/media firm leveraging IBM WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager, for implementation of a new site architecture and site design for a Canadian Wireless Telecom Provider. The new site is device responsive and provides the customer with an agile solution for providing content across channels.
  • Worked as the Solution Architect for a Prepaid Wireless Telecom Provider leveraging IBM WebSphere Portal to replace the client’s brand websites. Used Virtual Portals to separate brand websites and share a common code-base, the Portals include functionality to Activate cell phones including phone number transfer, Account Balance checks and Voice/Data Credit Purchases.
  • Worked as an Automation Architect for several Insurance companies; using IBM Rational Automation Framework (RAF) to automate installation, upgrades, and application deployments for IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Portal. Provided oversight, technical guidance, and knowledge transfer to support teams at these clients.
  • Worked as an Automation Architect for a German Government IT Support company. Used IBM Rational Automation Framework (RAF) to create repeatable installation and upgrade automation plans for WebSphere Portal environments.
  • Worked as the Lead Architect for a large deployment of Customer Service Call Center Portal for a major Healthcare Insurance Provider. This solution provided telephony and mainframe socket connections in application composites in WebSphere Portal. This single portal installation replaced 7 unique custom developed CSR/call center applications to provide a reusable and interchangeable application framework with IBM WebSphere Portal’s abstraction layers.
  • Worked as an Architect and team member for a public-facing content portal project for a major Tax Accounting and Consulting firm. This Portal replaced the Firm’s main internet site, utilizing WebSphere Portal for its aggregation and page layout, the underlying WebSphere App Server for its robust DynaCache caching capabilities, and interfacing with the Firm’s in-house Content Management system. The result was a super-fast, content rich Portal with language support for close to 200 languages.

Technology Solution Provider – Technology Architect

  • Worked as a cross-brand technical presales catalyst.
  • Built composite applications for Portal and Eclipse-based managed clients to demonstrate composite/situational application development and to build sales for Lotus Notes 8 and WebSphere Portal.
  • Mr. Ewald was instrumental in the solidification and expansion of several sales.

Technology Solutions Provider – Senior Consultant, Senior Middleware Consultant,

  • Worked as project manager and Portal development lead on a project for a major energy drink corporation where marketing data is collected by RIM Blackberry devices and analyzed by WebSphere Portal users. Several Portlets were developed and included functionality to activate and deactivate devices, author control data and manually correct or append to information collected by devices.
  • Worked as the Portal development lead on a project for a large grocery retailer. As a version 4 to 5.1 upgrade, all portlets were re-engineered and redeveloped from ground-up using JSF portlets or JSR168 Portlet API and JSP with JSTL, Display tag libraries and Spring Framework for data access. Aside from development, Mr. Ewald also helped with the implementation of 3 clustered WebSphere Portal environments that included Tivoli Identity Manager, Tivoli Access Manager and WebSEAL.
  • Installed and federated Portal nodes into a clustered cell.
  • Created a process improving application for a safety insurance company using IBM HATS.
  • Implemented and customized WebSphere Portal Express for several clients in education, county government and insurance.
  • Created auditing software for an Atlanta-based engineering and technical services company. The software allows an Auditor to report audit findings to their customers (end-users), then assign and automate Action Items to be performed as a result of their findings. The end-users can also audit themselves – at will – in a dynamic Question-Answer format that generates answer-based Action Items, Notifications and Alerts upon completion of the audit. This application is hosted on an IBM Lotus Domino server, runs in any browser and uses XML and XSLT to provide filterable and sort-able data views.  It also utilizes AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) for immediate data updates and screen content changes.
  • Created a production monitoring tool for a CD and DVD manufacturing company. This application provided a portal-like view that combined live status information from production machinery with information stored in Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and IBM AS400 business logic. The software is a J2EE solution that runs on IBM WebSphere Application Server, retrieves COM-based machine status information via a Web Service (SOAP) call to a Microsoft .Net server and uses IBM Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) for accessing AS400 business logic. This software enables production managers to view the current status of orders, upcoming orders, watch for machine failures or problems and query for order history.
  • Created a mobile browser-based order entry solution for a publicly traded oil and gas services company. The users of the software are remote oil workers who have little experience with computers; therefore this application runs offline and is coded to help the user enter absolutely correct information in a short amount of time. This was accomplished using on-page data lookups which provides immediate auto-completion and validation without page submissions (pre-AJAX). Once the user has an internet connection of any kind, data is synchronized to a central Domino server where the data is fed into PeopleSoft Billing. The application was built using Domino Offline Services (DOLS), Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) and Topaz Systems SigPlus signature capture tools. This solution saves the customer over six million dollars per year in process improvement.

Leading Information Technology Service Firm – Senior Consultant

  • Developed and deployed a large Lotus Notes R5 workflow application for one of the largest internet-based auto sales companies on the web. This application controlled the internal flow of data from customer support and sales all the way through billing through a single application interface. This application integrates data with Oracle into existing RDBMS structures.
  • Developed a Domino web-based human resources and eCommerce solution for one of the largest catastrophic care hospitals in the world. Functionality encompassed on-line job postings and on-line employment application and resume submittal, on-line “apothecary”, gift shop and room delivery application and an on-line fundraising application; all falling into a Lotus Notes workflow engine for internal processing.
  • Developed a paging functionality for an automotive auction company in a Lotus Notes help desk application that sent numeric and/or text pages to assigned recipients via DB2 stored procedure calls.

Flooring and Fixture Manufacturer – Programmer

  • Developed and implemented a company-wide software integration including an Estimating system, a Bill of Materials system and a Capacity Planning and Scheduling system. These custom software systems were built using Delphi Client/Server tools that integrated with Lotus Notes.
  • Developed and implemented all Lotus Notes applications including an employee tracking system for HR, a cross-training application that gave manufacturing supervisors the ability to assign tasks based on skill set and performance grading and an installation planning and scheduling application for project managers.
  • Built and administered the Domino servers and administered the NT Network.


Ten+ years IBM WebSphere Portal V5.02, 5.1, 6, 6.1.x, 7.0, 8.0.x, 8.5

  • Solution architecture, design, development, installation, and administration
  • Device Responsive and Device Adaptive solution strategies
  • Mobile development
  • Rich UI development
  • Theme development
  • Portlet development
  • WebSphere platform development.
  • Clustered and standalone implementations.
  • LDAP security with extensions.

Twelve+ years IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0, 5.1, 6, 6,1, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5

  • Installation, configuration, and administration.
  • Clustered and standalone implementations.
  • VMM customizations (custom extensions).
  • Deploying applications.

Twelve+ years Rational Application Developer (and WSAD V5.1), V6, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x

  • J2EE Java development.
  • Web Services development.
  • JSR168 Portlet development.
  • JSR286 Portlet development.
  • Spring Portlet development

Four+ years WebSphere Portlet Factory V6, V6.1

  • Design and development.
  • Services provision and consumption.
  • WebSphere Dashboard Framework (Lotus ActiveInsight).
  • Design and development.

IBM Rational Build Forge V7.1.1, 7.1.2

  • Design and automation.
  • Product installation.
  • Agent topology.

IBM Rational Automation Framework (RAF)

  • Design and automation.
  • Product installation.
  • Installations, configurations, and deployments.

Four+ years IBM Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) V5, 6, 7.x

  • Design, development, and implementation.
  • Integration with other IBM products (Domino, WebSphere Portal).
  • Training.

Twelve+ years Lotus Notes and Domino V4 through 8.5

  • Development and administration.
  • Integration with other IBM products (HATS, WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Application Server, DB2).

Lotus Expeditor 6

  • Conceptual understanding.
  • Development.

Java and J2EE Related Technologies

  • Conceptual understanding.
  • Development.


  • Conceptual understanding.


  • Development.

Web Services

  • Conceptual understanding.
  • Development.

Additional expertise with the following technologies and products:

  • jQuery, Bootstrap, Dojo, (JavaScript, HTML, CSS), AJAX, Java, Java EE, Hibernate, JDBC, Lotus Formula Language, LotusScript, SOAP, Spring Framework, Struts, XML, XSLT, and SQL (DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle).

Professional Certifications

  • IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Portal 8.5
  • IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Portal v6, 7
  • IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer.
  • IBM HATS Technical Sales Mastery.
  • IBM WebSphere Portal Family Sales Mastery.
  • IBM Social Software and Unified Communications Sales Mastery.
  • IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer – Lotus Notes and Domino versions 4, 5, and 6.
  • IBM Certified for e-business – Solution Technologist.