Ben Shoemate
Ben Shoemate
Sr. Information Architect

Ben Shoemate is an enterprise web designer and developer with extensive experience in portals and web content management.

He has been the lead designer on a wide range of web projects ranging from enterprise portals for global organizations, to mission critical consumer facing web applications, social networking sites, knowledge management portals, and corporate communications sites.

He has extensive knowledge of enterprise software development and integration best practices, adoption and governance, usability, information architecture, business case development, prototyping, design and requirement gathering, and a number of platforms and software solutions.

Extensive design and development experience with:

  • IBM Websphere Portal and Web Content Management
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • J2EE custom design and development
  • Atlassian Confluence Enterprise Wiki, and JIRA
  • WordPress and Drupal open source development platforms

“Designed” solutions (meaning front-end only as opposed to both for the above) for a number of other platforms including:

  • SAP Portals
  • Oracle and Peoplesoft
  • BEA Weblogic, Plumtree
  • and many others

Skills and Experience

  • Complete end-to-end design, development and support of any kind of website or web application
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Design and Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX),
  • Graphic Design and Branding,
  • Web Content Management including software selection and implementation strategy, workflow design, security and group administration
  • Personalization Strategy and Implementation
  • Governance and web strategy
  • Usability and user story development
  • Project management
  • Design specification
  • Training and documentation,
  • Roadmap planning and rollout support

Project History


  • PepsiCo Global R&D Intranet
  • PepsiCo Global Information Architecture and User Experience Governance
  • WPS Health Insurance Portal Roadmap
  • Honda Research Institute Automated Driving Program Portal


  • PepsiCo Web Strategy
  • Bunge Intranet Portal
  • WPS TRICARE Portal
  • WPS Medicare Portal
  • Honda Research Institute Website


  • BP Knowledge Management Portal
  • Honda Knowledge Management Portal
  • Luxoticca Sunglass Hut Policy Center and Retail Guide
  • Tinker Federal Credit Union Intranet
  • Carbon LDP vision


  • Kemper Intranet and Portal
  • Yum! Brands HROnline Portal
  • ConocoPhillips Knowledge Management Portal
  • CaseNewHolland International (CNHi) Dealer Portal


  • AGCO IT Dashboard (Sharepoint 2010)
  • (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • KFC Site Design (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • Design and Usability  (Limelight WCM)
  • Taco Bell Portal Redesign  (IBM Websphere and WCM)


  • AGCO Portal Design (Sharepoint 2010)
  • Avery Dennison Redesign (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • Cemex Shift Portal Design and Implementation (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • SICK Maihak Application Design


  • Austin Energy – Public facing website for a power company (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • Avery Dennison Microsite design (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • Avery Dennison Sales Dashboard Design (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • CareFX – Health Care Portal (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • ORC SIRS Portal Design
  • SICK Maihak USA Site Design
  • Redesign and Usability Study
  • UPS Content Management Study


  • UPS – Employee Portal Redesign (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • TMCo-USA – Web redesign and online strategy (WordPress)
  • ORC Networks – Social Networking Portal and Knowledge base (Drupal)
  • ORC SIRS Portal – Vision and Strategy (Wireframes and Executive Presentation)
  • (Confluence)
  • ORC Internet Strategy (Drupal POC and Management Presentation)


  • UPS Sales Function Workspace Vision and Strategy (HTML, Ext.JS)
  • ORC Network Portal Vision and Strategy (Wireframes and Executive Presentation)
  • ORC Worldwide Enterprise Wiki Design and Implementation (Confluence)
  • ORC Worldwide Comphrensive Web Strategy and Vision (HTML Prototype and Executive Presentation)
  • Sumitomo Oil Country Tubular Goods Technical Wiki (Confluence)
  • Cisco Learning and Development Portal Vision (HTML, Ext.JS)


  • SICK-Maihak – FlowSIC 400 Product website (Static HTML)
  • American Express – People Finder Vision (Lotus Connections – HTML Prototype)
  • Nissan Employee Portal Launch and Training (IBM Websphere and WCM)


  • Nissan Employee Portal Design and Development (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • Smurfitt-Stone Employee Portal Design and Usability (SAP Portals)
  • Nissan Employee Portal Planning (Project Planning and Executive Presentation)
  • Marathon Oil – Portal Strategy and Governance (Report and Executive Presentation)


  • Raytheon – Portal Redesign, Governance and Strategy (SAP Portal – Prototype and Executive Presentation)
  • Northrup Grumman – Enterprise Portal Design and Implementation (IBM and WCM)
  • Nissan Portal Redesign Study (Design and Presentation)
  • MBNA – Executive Dashboard Vision Prototype (HTML and Flash, Executive Presentation)
  • Gevity HR Self Service Portal Vision (Prototype)


  • UPS Finance Workspace Vision Prototype (HTML)
  • Qwest Voip B2C Product Portal (IBM Websphere and Sylantro)


  • UPS Portal Strategy and Vision (FSpecs, Executive Presentation, Prototype)
  • UPS Portal Implementation (IBM Websphere and WCM)
  • Genentech Employee Portal Vision and Strategy (HTML Prototype)
  • ExxonMobile Geoscience Workspace Vision and Strategy (HTML and Flash – later implemented in Plumtree)
  • Dell – Employee Portal prototype for John Watson and 40,000 feet (HTML)


  • SC Johnson – Employee Portal Vision Prototype (HTML prototype – SAP Portal)
  • MBNA Employee Portal Vision Prototype (HTML)
  • General Motors – Dealer World – Web Creation Portal – (Design specifications)
  • CUNA Mutual – Enterprise Portal Vision Prototype (HTML and Strategy Presentation)
  • Boehringer-Ingelhiem Touchpoint B2B portal Design (BEA Weblogic)
  • American Express Employee Portal Vision and Strategy (Cody led)
  • – Personal Site, Blog, and online Resume (Cold Fusion)


  • Boehringer-Ingelhiem PulmAssist B2C Portal (Design, Vision and Implementation)


  • – Website Redesign
  • MX.Aprimo – B2B and B2C portal (Design and Implementation)
  • Broadband Sports Athelete’s Direct (Graphic and Content Production)


  • Association of Former Students (Web Redesign, Implementation and Maintenance)
  • Picante Sales Force Automation Site
  • Bryan Texas Chamber of Commerce
  • Graduation from Texas A&M University


  • Chief Information Officer – Corps of Cadets – Corps Staff
  • Iridium Graphics – Co-Founder and Owner


  • (Web Redesign, Implementation and Maintenance)